Self-Branding Instead of Expensive Advertising – Generate Yourself Success Through Video Marketing

After a few days ago we talked about the agreement between Youtube and the GEMA, we will now take a look at the new possibilities that arise for you as a company in the largest video portal of the world. For now, there are millions more views on music videos. The perfect moment for ads? Are there alternatives to expensive advertising?

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Advertising on YouTube is now even more interesting for companies

With the fact that many music videos are now also available in Germany and can be equipped with appropriate advertising offerings, advertising on YouTube is not only still interesting for companies, by admitting music videos in Germany, social media campaigns are even more interesting. Because in Germany, for the first time in a long time, popular and international bands can be called up via Youtube. Not only on Youtube, but also in other social networks, where the videos have been shared, they are now available from Germany! We do not stay in Germany. GEMA represents not only German artists, but also international performers, who are active in the German market.

This agreement will revolutionize the streaming of music videos

Anyone who wants to use the agreement in the legal dispute now for themselves, can switch Ads in Youtube. Here you have various options to activate advertising inserts for users. On the one hand there is the classic banner advertising, which is placed directly on the desired video for the viewer. There are, of course, other possibilities, such as the recording of your video, before the desired video that the viewer wants to see. The advertised user must then watch the video for at least five seconds. Thus, as well as placing your brand within the first five seconds within the YouTube video, it increases the likelihood that your own brand will increase in popularity. With little investment in the advertising area, since only a few use these functions of Youtube.

Generate your own success through video marketing

Top Google Placement thanks to your own videos

Yes exactly. Video marketing in Youtube is not complex – start now. Why? Top rankings on Google itself! Because YouTube is not only excellent for advertising ads. Of course, companies have the possibility to place themselves quickly and easily in the search engine by means of videos in the network. Google rankings are very important for all companies and brands, because today most of the search queries are no longer via any telephone bookstore or about the effort to ask information from friends and acquaintances, but the direct search query on Google.

YouTube has been part of the Google Group for many years and was then taken over by the industry giants of the globally active search engines. Of course, you give your own company the support they need. Google also places its own videos high up in its rankings. For example, if you look at a very simple example, as a lawyer in Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin), which specializes in family law, you can simply build a series of informative YouTube videos. With fixed camera so that as little effort as possible is created for you. They explain to the spectators the normal and everyday questions that are also given to you in the shop. Not only do you offer optimal responses for your viewers, they also lose less time and generate additional reach. Yes, even more! You will find new customers for your products.

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Social media consultants for your individual strategies

You can find more information about YouTube and social media marketing at any time in our social media blog! If you are looking for a social media consultant for a new marketing concept or for your media structure, we and our media managers are available to you at any time.