Youtube Video Marketing: Content, Community and SEO – Video Tutorial #3

Youtube is the main source of information for video content. Every second internet user is registered here. An incredible number with great potential. Next week we’ll look at how you can successfully do video marketing in Youtube! You can find all the social media marketing tutorials here. Want to get started with Youtube marketing and your own videos? From camera to continuous light and memory cards. Who are the most popular German Youtuber? In FIV Magazine you can find the top 100 Youtuber from Germany!

Youtube Content and Video Marketing Basics

  1. Current user numbers
  2. Video content on Youtube
  3. Microcosm Youtube
  4. Differentiation from Facebook
  5. Influencers and bloggers
  6. Companies on Youtube
  7. Video Marketing and Playlists
  8. Search engine optimization with the help of Youtube
  9. Internal search behavior
  10. Clicks, traffic and placement
  11. Do it Yourself!
  12. Timing

New! Native Ads: Recommendation instead of “advertising

/// TIP – Quotation mark lost

Native ads (also called native display ads) refer to all paid advertising formats that are discreetly labeled as ads. So, simply put, native advertising is advertising that doesn’t look like advertising. Native Ads offer small disadvantages, but mostly advantages. Did you know. According to a whitepaper by AppNexus, the CTR of native display ads is 8.8 times higher on average. According to Forbes, Native Ads increase purchase intent by a whopping 18%. We also always measure a higher CTR in our client projects. What does this have to do with? Personalization of content, storytelling and more discreet communication channels: referral marketing. Why Native Advertising? What is native advertising? What is native advertising?