Fonts in Photoshop: Tutorial with Youtube Thumbnails + Google Fonts

Pre-installed fonts are boring. That’s why I’m showing you the basics of fonts in Photoshop in my new Photoshop video tutorial. Easy customization, fast and effective work, that’s what matters. Fonts can of course be used in design for many application examples: Image brochures , business cards or even web design. Today we’ll look at a practical example from social media marketing, Youtube thumbnails! They are depending on the creative, eye-catching and colorful or show direct emotions and human traits, so we are more likely to click on the thumbnails of the Youtuber who skillfully make their design. You can quickly go through all the basics using the thumbnails – the perfect example. For those looking for new fonts, I can only recommend Google Fonts. The fonts are not only clearly archived, there are many different styles and you could also integrate the fonts into your website.

Photoshop Tutorial: Fonts and Youtube Thumbnails

German tutorial.