SEO Onpage Optimization – Onsite Tips with Definition and Explainer Video (free)

SEO Onpage Optimization – There are many questions about this topic! From “What is On Page Optimization?”, “What does Onpage and OffPage mean?” to “What is OffPage SEO?” and especially “What does a good SEO Onpage Optimization cost?”

What does a good SEO Onpage Optimization cost?

Nothing, if you do it yourself! As I have already shown in my Youtube channel and in many blog posts, you can build your own great sites especially with WordPress, even entire online stores with strong preformance. Today on Youtube we’re going to look at an everyday problem: Onpage Optimization.

Is your page ranking 11th, 12th or even 10th on page 1? How do you get another push to get to 3, 4 or even #1? Sometimes it doesn’t have to be much at all. One step that makes sense is internal linking, as exemplified here always on exact keywords like when I talk about real estate listing optimize realtor or even better Photoshop batch processing. Step 2 are external media, for example from Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and my favorite for statistics: Statista.

Onsite: 4 tips incl. explanatory video

German tutorial.

Learn SEO online: Podcast episode

You want to learn SEO? The first tip to learn SEO is our marketing podcast and in particular episode #8 What is SEO? shows you the 1×1 of search engine optimization for platforms like Google, Bing & Co. all 100% free on Spotify, iTunes & Co. We answer the most frequently asked questions of self-employed, companies and businesses that start with SEO: