Social Media: Free Video Tutorials for Successful Online Marketing

Free Video Tutorials – As a speaker and keynote speaker, including for social media marketing, we often bring companies, associations or even corporations current online marketing strategies. Not everyone can afford a ticket to the events and conventions. Therefore, I wanted to make another tutorial series on the topic of marketing on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Co. First, it’s about the basics:

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Social Media Basics and Online Marketing Strategies

In this video I explain the basics to create a first understanding of the possibilities. We start with a general video about online marketing, social media marketing and success in social networks!

  • How do the individual social networks work?
  • Where are the differences and which networks are relevant for my brand/company in the marketing mix?
  • How do users behave and consume content?

Of course you can get all new videos on my Youtube Channel.

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Facebook Marketing: Community building and target group

The most important question of all: How does the world’s largest social network work? Together, we take a look at Facebook user numbers and behaviors. In addition, we talk about profile pages, fan pages and groups, all of which bring relevance to businesses.

Next week! Youtube Video Marketing: With added value to image and sales

Youtube is the main source of information for video content. Every second internet user is registered here. An incredible number with great potential. Next week we will look at how you can successfully do video marketing in Youtube!

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