Speaker for Social Media Marketing – The digital transformation is in full swing. Communication, the dissemination of knowledge, news but also emotions reach people at an unprecedented speed. Our lives are digital. How do you react to the new opportunities in marketing? Is your company already benefiting from the digital world? As speakers we answer your questions. We are Digital Natives and live every day in Social Web. We speak from our own experience, not from theoretical knowledge from books. Digitization is omnipresent. In our presentations we will introduce you to the new trends in marketing and unique best practices from all over the world.

Social Media Marketing Expert

As a social media expert one considers the established media as well as the new social networks. For experts it is not only about the simple application of learned knowledge, it is about further developing the new, digital form of advertising and always finding new approaches! Only through new ideas and concepts can companies increase their sales through social media marketing. Interest in workshops, trainings or speeches from our Social Media Experts? Call us or write us your wishes under Contact.

Read more about our keynote speaker & expert: Stephan M. Czaja.

Particularly the simple explanation is very important with the modern media, since the development goes so fast that one keeps the overview often only as an expert. This applies not only to the existing possibilities, but also to all innovations in social media advertising. Passing on knowledge is one of the most important virtues in management. That’s why we often step in front of TV cameras or the audience to introduce them to social networks and the group dynamics within the networks. Comprehensible, clear and with the latest insiders and best practice examples. Many of the speeches we make are made in the major conurbations:

Speaker for Social Media Lectures

As a speaker of Online Marketing Events or even Keynote-Speaker, the most important thing is the preparation for the presentation and the bundled transport of information. Often only half an hour is left as a speaker. If things go well, an hour is an hour to illustrate such a complex topic as social media management and marketing. Because you give at least the lectures to experts with whom you talk more deeply about certain details of an advertising or media agency. Most lectures are aimed at an audience that is not familiar with the subject, e.g. salespeople or owners who want to better understand social media marketing. As a social media speaker you try to connect all the different parameters and create a conclusive concept for the audience. We have specially categorized our workshops and lectures into different levels of difficulty, so that we as speakers can respond individually to the knowledge level of the audience.

Trainer – Company on the road to success through Social Media Marketing

We are hired as social media trainers by companies that want to bring their own departments up to date with the latest technology. As trainers you spend a few days in the department with the employees or even weeks to achieve the best result for the customer. As a trainer, you are always in close cooperation with the team and often start from scratch, with the basics of Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. In addition there are many optional networks like Snapchat, Twitter or Pinterest and of course new direct marketing methods like Whatsapp or bots in Facebook.

Even if it concerns the Community structure, one is booked frequently as coach around a few new mental impetuses to give. In the enterprise one focuses then on the conditions and tries to get the optimal out. This can be done through various analyses and methods of social media channels as well as traditional media formats. This is how we find out the most important core areas of companies. The employees can then adopt the social media concept one-to-one and thus save a lot of time in the company. You can then invest these resources advantageously in other projects. That’s why social media business trainers are so popular with businesses.

Lecturer – training for universities of applied sciences

If you want to become a lecturer at a university, you should at least have dealt with the basics of social media management – often this is not the case! From your own experience, lecturers at colleges and universities are therefore often only a few perfect speakers, because they often only carry the theoretical knowledge that they have taken from the books before. Also, most lecturers lack direct market knowledge or customer projects where they could validate their theoretical knowledge, in practical execution, not in theoretical form. That’s why we recommend that you book speakers from a renowned social media marketing agency for your upcoming marketing events. Here you can get first-hand expertise and best practice examples from customers and related projects.

Best Practice – Influencer Marketing from A-Z (German)

Author – Social Media Blog & Book Publications

We write much about modern on-line marketing in social networks. As Social Media manager user are to us at the heart, as authors the readers. That’s why we compress our know-how not only in the Social Media Marketing Blog! We have also written a lot about the topic in books. We are very happy when we can help young social media managers to develop with new ideas and concepts. We don’t just look at marketing from a theoretical point of view, we also give many insiders in our blog posts. This is about many exciting topics such as content marketing, video SEO or influencers and bloggers.

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