Frankfurt Keynote Speaker: Social Media Marketing & Management for Companies

Digitalization is constantly present in all of our daily lives. As social media managers, we spend our time not only at work, but always on the social web, with friends or looking for entertainment. In lectures, we speak from concrete experience, not from theoretical applied knowledge and know-how of third parties, from social media books, as through lecturers. Using practical examples, we show the new and most promising trends in marketing and ideas for your social media marketing for companies. At our lectures we give answers to your questions as speakers.

Speaker for Conversion in Frankfurt and in global markets

Information reaches people fast and targeted like never before, whether it’s recommendations, news or even knowledge. No one is ever truly unlearned. The digital transformation is in full swing. More and more online marketers are responding to the new trend. Communication, the global dissemination of knowledge, news but also emotions, reaches with smartphones in unprecedented speed. The whole of life is becoming increasingly digital. How do you react in your business decisions to the new possibilities in modern marketing? Does your company benefit from the digital world today? Are your employees digitally connected? Do you personally benefit from the digital economy?

Social media marketing and management lectures: Topics

We focus on these keywords in our speeches: social media services, social commerce, content marketing, social media optimization and monitoring, social media campaigns and social media marketing strategies. Our speeches in Frankfurt Main are also for freelancers and publicists who want to advance their digital strategies through the opportunities of social media marketing. Through social media marketing, turn your non-buyers into new consumers and sustainable brand users, then get them to become brand loyalists. Because that’s how non-buyers become true brand fans for your company and ultimately brand sponsors. We speak for managers who already align their project with the digital transformation or the digitalization of all markets through social media management and digital business models. Send us your non-binding booking request now.

The experts for Frankfurt companies

We as social media experts observe the classic social media as well as the new social networks all over the world. For all social media experts, the conception of presentations is about further thinking the form of online advertising in social networks and search engines for the next generation and permanently finding new cross-media strategies. With these methods your company can increase digital but also stationary sales.

As social media speakers, we also get in front of TV cameras or audiences quite often. To illustrate social networks and their group dynamics. As speakers, we like to pass on our know-how in speeches at conferences to the new generation of managers, so that they can develop new strategies from it. Simply described, understandable and with examples as well as real insiders. More about our social media experts.

Your speakers for high quality presentations

As a speaker at a large conference, the preparation for the presentation and the bundled transport of information is crucial. Often, as a conference speaker, we only have half an hour, or if we’re lucky, an hour, to clearly convey our special topic. For the individual experience, we have categorized all our speeches into different levels of difficulty. In the speeches often notice, many of the audience are looking for a basic understanding in the field, many had little intersection with the subject matter before, so many of our presentations are also aimed at audiences that have little experience to the date. Find out more about our social media speakers here.

Social Media – Training, Speaker & Agency

We work daily on social networks, run Facebook Ads, plan and produce videos for Youtube marketing, organize photo shoots for Instagram and do promotion via TikTok, partly with influencers, partly with organic and paid reach. For beginners, workshops focus on basic questions, “How do I approach my visitors? You or you?”, for advanced users mostly about “How can we increase our reach?”. We deliver A-Z solutions for you and your people.

Further education – workshops and lectures by our experts

✓ Basics – Social Media Marketing
✓ Goals – Social Media Thinking and Development
✓ Strategy – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube
✓ Influencer – contact to campaign
✓ Switching ads – Ad management
â photo and video production – editorial plan and content marketing
Read more about our lectures and dates here:

Agency – Facebok, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

Coaches for your Frankfurt company thanks to trainers

Keeping employees on top of their game brands book as coaches for social media. As a coach you stay a few hours, sometimes weeks, with the employees to fulfill all agreed goals for you and to improve your sales in the long run. With full commitment and trusting collaboration, methods and strategies are developed along the way. Your Social Meda Trainers. More about our social media authors. Your social media instructors.

Speeches for social commerce, management and various channels

At our speeches we give you a first expertise of your possibilities. With concrete methods, the best start for social media marketing even at the beginning of your career. Gain sales, potential customers and reach, all that social networks bring you. Using various best practices, we communicate when the ideal time is and what content your employees can post for your target audience. At each appointment, our consultants will find out which network is best for you and your circumstances for online marketing. Our managers can advise you at any time, whether you need advice on social commerce or monitoring. When monitoring social networks, we find out when, where and how your brand is discussed, interaction occupies a central role. Book speakers for Frankfurt and throughout Germany with Social Media One in Hamburg, Cologne, Hanover, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf.

Help and answers for social media marketing managers

Our agency gives you answers to the relevant questions in social media marketing:

  • Are you using social selling for effective marketing?
  • What is your company’s positioning in a digital world?
  • How can I digitally network my company?
  • What expertise and technical know-how do your managers need?
  • Which recommendations for action do you use to convince influencers and ambassadors?

Find influencers from Frankfurt on Instagram with our social media marketing agency

With smart multimedia strategies between Facebook, Snapchat and other social networks Instagram. Habitual consumer behavior patterns are changing, so media usage is shifting more and more to the web. Interaction is what matters in social media, a precisely tuned audience to target increases follower interaction rates decisively for your brand. We rely on high-reach media in our social media management. efficient community communication user interaction is what matters in social media. The precisely selected target group raises the interaction like likes sustainably for your brand. To get to know fans extensively, your company has great tools like Facebook’s Graph Search at its disposal. Our social media marketing offers you your unique appearance in social media, targeted addressing of user groups as well as extremely fast reach increase.

Targeting. Get the power of social media marketing! Convince together with us as a social media manager fans for a long time by new advertising ideas thought-out strategies. Build brand fans for yourself or your brand with social media marketing starting today. Facebook, Youtube and Instagram our social media agents organize your social media channels with modern strategies in marketing for more organic growth. In marketing services we provide experts for all snetworks. Get creative, tell your own story to your Frankfurt users on social media and engage fans for many years to come.