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Social media managers deal with the most modern form and discipline of online marketing. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube have changed the world and of course the world of advertising. Today, everything is oriented towards the extremely fast flow of information. Information (videos, photos, texts, trends, etc.) is shared more quickly than ever before. This also influences our world of emotions. What takes a long time is often not interesting. It has to be quick, surprise. Anyone who knows how to pick up trends or create new ones today can earn good money with Social Media Manager. This is why more and more people are specializing in this profession and are looking online for a suitable further education or training that can be completed online. The quality of the course is crucial, because the responsibility of social media managers is great. With the right certificates and attestations, however, it is easier to start a career, even to change within the company.

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Ads, Product Placement, Channel Management and Infleuncer Marketing

Workers in social media marketing are in such high demand because there are hardly any people with experience! Facebook and YouTube are the oldest social networks, barely 15 years old. So the development of social networks is as young as hardly any other sector. However, the construction took a long time and so the social networks have also only in recent years produced their real relevance. But we are by no means at the end of our rope when it comes to methods and strategies in social media marketing. Especially new forms like the influencer marketing reach agencies, customers and advertising campaigns. There is the same problem as in social media management, there are hardly any people with sufficient expertise from the professional world, so that campaigns are planned that promise success. The crux of the matter lies here: Who will surely bring me sales?

Return of invest: Successful Social Media Campaigns Switch

Whoever can calculate the turnover and knows that the ROI (Return of invest [ ROI = Profit/ Investment ]) will be positive is worth gold. If a campaign achieves a profit of 30,000 € from an investment of 10,000 €, then the consideration of investing 30,000 € in another social media campaign in order to achieve a profit of 90,000 € is not far off.

Social Media Analysis in different networks

Social media analysis tools can be used to plan successes and trade fairs. In particular Facebook has a sophisticated advertising system for companies and enterprises. From:

  • Retargeting (pixel registers visitors and thus allows targeted advertising to these users) of the target groups or visitors in their own online shop or on blogs and websites up to the
  • Creation of look-a-like audience (equivalent to 1% of Facebook users who are most similar to your target group) and
  • Demographic filters that allow you to send out exact information according to age, place of residence, interests, etc. but also according to
  • Selection of different advertising spaces on Facebook (news stream, messages, sidebar, etc.) and
  • A/B tests of individual campaigns to find the most efficient ones

Social media managers need a lot of know-how and ambition to learn

Placing hard skills such as advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube is an advantage, sure, but social media marketing is about more than just “advertising”. Social networks are a meeting place for the exchange of information with friends and like-minded people. Pure marketing messages disappear in the amount of messages, information, event tips, photos, videos and other advertising. Unique contents are, as in search engine optimization, the A&O in content creation but also in channel management, graphic design and communication with fans and followers. All this you have to know and learn, no talent has ever fallen from the sky, only practice makes and better than others!

That’s why many companies send their employees on further training, courses, further education and retraining so that they can learn from experienced social media managers from all over Germany. Especially when people speak from experience, it is easy to understand how matter works. So many principles and methods are changing in marketing that modern management needs expertise (and experts) in a timely manner.

Why we did our online course for Social Media Managers?

Due to the many requests for Social Media Manager training we thought at the beginning of 2018 that it would be perfect to place a smart online course. At cheap prices, without travel expenses, without having to book a hotel and also the time of communication with various agencies companies is shared. Without cheap sales slogans like “How to make money on Youtube” or “Get rich on the Internet”. We bring real agency skills for beginners and advanced but also intensive courses for professionals who want to educate themselves, such as “Influencer Marketing”.

In our Social Media Manager Online course we want to teach young people how to quickly and easily climb the career ladder through our own experiences. Since there is little competition there, an online course is the easiest way to gain yourself experience. It is about the different networks, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and of course Twitter.

Community for mutual help and exchange of experience in marketing

In our community I show all beginners the basics of Social Media Management. From individual profile pictures and cover pictures, which must be particularly appealing because they are seen most frequently, to texts in postings. Because there are also different variants here.

  • Where do I put my link?
  • How do I put it on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube?
  • What does it cost to be placed on a blogger?
  • Do I bring emoticons with one or not?
  • Do I address the users directly?
  • I say “you” or I say “you”?

Social media managers ask themselves these and many other questions at the beginning of their careers.

Further management between emotions, target groups and creative content

Later in management, the main focus is on people’s emotions and social mechanics.

  • Why is a certain image taken?
  • Why is a certain image shared more often?
  • Why is this video clicked so often?
  • Who should be seen in the video?
  • How should our product be placed?
  • What does it look like again on the individual social networks between Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram?

The topics of a real social media manager are very extensive. This broad spectrum of knowledge has made social media managers so valuable to companies, especially when it comes to marketing products and services. Is that it already? No. Social media managers also deal with public relations and brand perception.

Social media managers are not only concerned with cross-media online marketing methods and the dissemination of information for consumers, but also with public relations. Social networks are there to create emotions and so they can also create brand images or change and influence them. Today, social media managers are the best choice for a positive brand image as well as for awareness. Everyone is online!

Most people don’t search the phone book but Google. The phone is always with you. Who is present with its contents in a networks, provides not only for current operational readiness level but also lasting operational readiness level, e.g. by the increase of fans and Followern on the own enterprise channel. Anyone who has learned all these skills will be happy to show this in a certificate for social media managers. Qualifications and certificates are regarded as the basis and guarantee for the knowledge imparted.

Caution! Free certificates are worth nothing in agencies and universities

Online courses that offer a free certificate should not be considered, because the creation of the respective course content is a very complex topic! Particularly the quality of the training is in the foreground. In marketing, large sums are raised to market products, so that the money is justified and the success is later also in relation to the effort, a social media manager must have planned everything carefully before the start of the campaign. Planning is the be-all and end-all in many areas, including social media management.

E-Learning for Social Media Managers and Agencies

E-Learning has become extremely important for many companies in the field of employee training and education. The engagement of coaches and trainers is relatively expensive, especially when it comes to social media experts. On online platforms, on the other hand, you can learn very easily, at any time and from anywhere. Our courses focus on very specific topics. So if you want to advertise your own company Facebook, you will find the right answers here, from the right approach to target groups, to demographic selection and the switching of various split tests to filter the best campaigns.

Likewise, Inlfuencer Marketing is currently one of the biggest topics. The strategies and methods are only known to a few, since it is an extremely new matter in which the first first movers of the advertising agency world are currently still moving. Getting know-how and expertise here is worth its weight in gold. Because the thousands of contact prices in Influencer marketing are far below the usual, which result from advertising campaigns. Especially the placement of services and products, e.g. in magazines, is relatively expensive. Because prints and layouts have to be made beforehand, the delivery has to be coordinated, the magazines have to be delivered, the kiosk or the supermarket has to put them away, register them in the warehouse, sell them and invoice them. This large value chain makes advertising, in the classic sense through magazines and print, so cost-intensive.

Advertising on social networks, on the other hand, is fast, internationally available and online in seconds. Also the A/B test of different campaign models is done just as fast. Who could afford to print a print ad in 5 different magazines, each with five different motifs, and then learn which graphics led to a sale and which did not. No way! Social media managers can do that. That’s why social media managers are worth so much to companies.

Social Media Manager can do that: 100% traceability

Further training in this area promotes one’s own professional career and career opportunities in the company. For companies themselves, it enables higher sales figures and the direct traceability of sales transactions to individual campaigns. This improves the measurement of success and, of course, the optimization of future campaigns by the company.

For all the control of the different tests and campaigns or social networks no own social media agency is needed, it suffices a well trained employee in social marketing who takes the fate of the company into his own hands. We show your employees how it works! The Social Media Manager Online course is also perfect for the self-employed, the perfect complement for social media marketing! With webinars and interesting articles.

Online courses for colleges and universities?

The courses also pay off in the preparation for study courses. But if you want to work actively in marketing, you don’t necessarily have to study. Instead of attending expensive universities, which make profit from a long study, it is worthwhile to learn modern strategies and methods on an online platform with webinars and articles. In the online course you are directly at the latest know-how of an agency in relation to a technical college or university. Universities are often years behind, especially in the media sector. Lecturers have no expertise from the real agency world, but often only an internship and many years of study. Studying helps one but not to survive in the economy. The economy is a “shark tank” with strong players, here one survives not by mere knowledge but by psychological Know How, the feeling for trends and for unconventional ways in addition, the feeling for classical methods and strategies, in the mix with the needs of a modern and constantly changing target group definition, as well as the likewise constantly changing media. The flow of information today is so fast that I can change strategies within weeks. We’ll show you how!

Social Media Manager

Influencer Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Facebook Marketing – reach target groups, build fans and retargeting for ads

We currently have two price recommendations for Facebook Marketing. Independent, online shop or even classic company: Facebook in particular can generate extreme success through targeted advertisements. For Firseure, which place extremely exact local advertisement or Onlineshops, which address exactly the persons, which visited the Shop already (Retargeting). How this works and how you can advertise your Facebook at just 1 cent per click (see Google 2-15 euros depending on industry), learn here:

Facebook Marketing: How to create a Facebook Fanpage

Construct your own fanpage and set it optimally?

Every single company, every self-employed person or every person in public life needs its own fan page on Facebook. There are some things to keep in mind when creating social media channels. It is not only the information or the indication of which industry the own company is from. There are many small steps with which you can optimize your own fan page for your visitors. The longer visitors are on a fan site, the more interesting content they will find here, the longer they will stay on the site. The longer they stay on a fan page and the more they interact with it, the more “important” their own fan page is for Facebook. Ergo, the more reach your company has, the more successful your appearance on Facebook will be.

Users and fans: How to find your target group on Facebook

How do I reach the person I actually want to reach with my advertisements?

In the section “How to find your target group on Facebook” you will learn how to effectively and very structuredly manage advertisements and their target groups on Facebook. You’ll be surprised how accurate targeting on Facebook is! Some details you may already know, as well as the filter option by age of the person or by place of residence. Whether Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or smaller cities in Germany or worldwide. Social Media Marketing Ads bring measurable success.

Of course, the whole thing is much more precise! If you take some time and are interested in the topic, you can quickly learn to send specific products to specific people in order to increase your conversion (CTA) with Facebook Marketing Tools.

Facebook Retargeting for exact advertising to target groups

Retargeting for marketing products? Actually, it’s quite simple. If we were in the city centre, we would address people who visited us in the shop again later, for example by means of an advertising poster. If the visitor has not decided to buy before, he may do so when he sees the product for the second or third time. The highlight: hardly any wastage as with classic banner advertising. In the specific case of social networks, this means that we continue to play advertising on Facebook to visitors to our social media page. Retargeting doesn’t only work on the Facebook fan page, you can also re-play the product on Facebook later to visitors who have viewed a product in the online shop, for example. If you haven’t decided to buy the first time, now is the time!

Social Media Marketing Statistics to measure retargeting success

With Facebook Retargeting you can reach as a very efficient person on Facebook, even more specifically, the person who is already interested in your brand or product. First-class social media marketing statistics can also be created afterwards, for example for the CTA.