Training in Social Media Marketing: Manager course in online course – start now!

Social media managers deal with the most modern form and discipline of online marketing. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube have changed the world and of course the world of advertising. Today, everything is oriented towards the extremely fast flow of information. Information (videos, photos, texts, trends, etc.) is shared more quickly than ever […]

Instagram Marketing: Strategy of an Agency | Social Media Insights!

Instagram marketing – How to create a social media channel for Instagram! Let’s take a look at our Instagram Agency. How do you plan the successful launch of your own Instagram channel? Whether fashion, sports, nutrition, accessories, hotels, agencies or online shops. Service providers and producers are increasingly entering Instagram. Scattering losses are low and […]

Youtube Marketing: Strategy of an Agency | Social Media Insights!

YouTube marketing – video form nowadays the source of information for all target groups. Youtube is the central medium apart from TV. Through targeted, organic reach building, you can not only strengthen the brand’s own presence but also win new fans and potential customers for your products! Especially bloggers and influencers have conquered Youtube. But […]

Influencer Marketing Course: Continuing Education & Training for Social Media Managers

“Influencer marketing is on the rise!” – that’s what the headline above our last interview said. Today we give you 2 hours of know how for free! With Social Analytics, we make influencer marketing on Instagram possible for all agencies, companies, brands and online shops from Berlin to Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. So that really […]

Facebook Marketing: Strategy of an Agency | Social Media Insights!

Facebook marketing – Retargeting, pixel, groups, fanpage: Facebook is its own universe! A social media campaign therefore also has different components. For a start, however, many are concerned with the basic structure of their own Facebook channel for companies or products. Especially for online shops and digitally distributed products, it pays to take a look […]

Influencer Marketing #2: Blogger Relations? Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Micro, nano and the “normal” influencers: Can you really classify them? We take a critical look at the classification and categorization of influencers. Using a simple example, I show how differently you can classify reach. Influencer Marketing Online Course: Overview of Topics Definition, Development, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram Blogger Relations? Advantages and disadvantages of the […]

Influencer Marketing #3: Social Media Software Tools for Post Planning and Followers

Software support and social media tools are essential for online marketers. They help manage day-to-day tasks, especially the ones that take up a lot of time and can be organized through smart planning ahead. Whether it’s content, influencer search, or even the bots so many have mentioned. We take a look at three important social […]

Influencer Marketing #4: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Goals and Planning of the Social Media Campaign

The conception of the influencer concept for our upcoming campaign will now really be the biggest chunk! Here it’s all about the big questions and the very small ones. Starting with the definition of the target group to the customer needs to the various goals and KPIs that we ultimately need to measure the success […]

Influencer Marketing #5: Quality and quantity of bloggers and interaction

How would you start your influencer campaign? Do you want to work with a specific influencer or…? not quite, you want reach! So the first thing is to identify the target audience you want. Who do we want to reach? Only then do we think about the means. Influencer Marketing Online Course: Overview of Topics […]

Influencer Marketing #6: Briefing, Forecasting, Contacting and Monitoring

Before we contact our blogger, we draft our briefing. In this briefing, i.e. in the request, are all the important details that our blogger needs to know so that he can make his own assessment of whether the campaign is interesting for him or not. In the briefing we record all the important data, not […]