Gastronomy, craft, … Social Media?! Ultra local marketing

Catering trade, handicraft and Social Media – Many who have a catering trade enterprise or also a handicraft enterprise, think themselves frequently, Social Media marketing and advertisement in social networks, that brings me nothing at all! Marketing, Ads, that is what for “the large ones”. Is that really true?

Direct customer relationship like never before

In social networks, you are closer to existing customers and especially (!) to potential customers than ever before. Whether it’s just communication, i.e. posting on your own channel, or advertising, you should definitely think about social media.

The most important 1×1 is also learned quickly and for everything else, there are good social media agencies throughout Germany.


Advertising and new customers: It’s that simple

It gets especially interesting with advertisements.

Of course, Facebook and all the other social networks want people to do well, especially if they spend money on advertising.

That’s why the social networks offer a lot of possibilities to send out the ads very precisely. You can say, for example, show my ad only to people within a radius of 1 kilometer. Perfect for restaurants, but also perfect for the tiler, the roofer, many forms of crafts!

What would a fresh loaf of bread be if no one knew about it?

Also in the bakery trade!

Example: Finding employees

Even if you have only 500 fans, friends or followers (depending on the network), you can play a lot with it. E.g. you can spread promotions, special offers, but you can also search for new employees!

Employee recruiting in particular is easier on social networks than on platforms or in newspapers. But it also costs less money than placing ads in job portals. You can directly address your target group and say:

Do you know someone who needs a job?

Excellent! Active approach, active dissemination of information (vacancy).

More industries examples

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