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Employer Branding: What is it? Strong and positive employer brands

Employer branding refers to the process of designing and developing an employer brand that conveys a company’s image and identity as an employer. It is about influencing the perception of potential employees, current employees and the public at large to position the company as an attractive employer. PS: Here you can find everything important about […]

HR Human Resources: What is it? The HR department

HR (human resources), or human resources, refers to the department of a company that deals with the management of employees and their concerns. The HR department is usually responsible for coordinating the hiring, training and development of employees, maintaining personnel files and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations. Tasks of an HR department The […]

Recruiting: What is it? Steps in personnel marketing

Recruiting refers to the process of attracting and selecting candidates for open positions in a company. The goal of recruiting is to find and hire qualified candidates to meet the company’s job requirements. Recruiting process: steps The recruiting process usually starts with identifying a vacancy in the company. The HR department or a recruiter creates […]

Coaching: Email Funnel, Leads + More Clients! Tips and strategies for coaches

Selling coaching in the email funnel – Online coaching is more in demand than ever. Virtual learning, so-called “e-learning” is revolutionizing the coaching market. How can you attract new customers for coaching? In the age of Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, there is only one smart answer: email marketing or email funnels, also colloquially called […]

Opt-In / Double-Opt-In: What is it? Generate leads for email marketing

You hear the term opt-in mainly in the context of email marketing and email funnels. Opt-in means that a user signs up for an email list. Typically on a website or in an online store. In Europe, there is also the double opt-in as a requirement. This means that users must confirm that they have […]

Cross-sell: Additionally sell similar products – example email funnel

Cross-sell – Cross-selling is the selling of related or complementary products or services based on the products the customer has already purchased (or in which he or she is interested). Cross-sell: Application in marketing Cross-selling is used in many areas to sell more. For example, you probably know the “similar products” in online stores, which […]

Up-sell: Sell additional more expensive products – example e-mail funnel

Up-sell – Up-selling is the additional offering of higher value products or higher value services. Up-sell: application in marketing Up-selling is often used to sell even more expensive products to buyers. A typical example would be the high ticket for a live event. A user buys e-coaching product A for 500 euros. Would this user, […]

Lead: Lead Generation for Email Lists – Quickly Explained

Lead – lead generation is a marketing term, in our context especially in online marketing and email marketing. A so-called lead, is a qualified (verified, verified) contact with a prospect who is interested in a brand or product. What do you do with a lead? Email Funnel After a lead has been generated, typically via […]

Reasons: Why social media? Why Marketing? + 7 simple advantages

Social Media Reasons – Are you wondering: Why social media? Why marketing? What are the reasons for social media or social media marketing in your own company? Here it is worth taking a look at the various benefits that social media brings, for B2C sales increase, but also for B2B Businesses. Why social media now? […]