Social Media Marketing & Influencer Agency Report Frankfurt

Social Media Marketing Frankfurt – The technical possibilities of social networks make communication with our friends so fast. Smart social media campaigns sell your new products much more efficiently. Online advertising is now part of the normal standards of modern businesses Social Media One is the media agency for companies with a desire for success in social media such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Well advised. In digital marketing we have expertise for all your communications in social networks. Lift your profits steadily, with powerful project management from Social Media One, your partner for social networks.

Virality is decisive when it comes to successful media campaigns

Win new buyers for many years through creative, new advertising ideas well made concepts. The web, with its possibilities of digital marketing, has been successfully entering the strategy mix of marketers for decades. The current media use of the Germans proves: 60+ million Germans are active online. With Social Media One, the professionals for social media campaigns, you can be sure to reach the right people at any minute. Build brand fans today. One third of Germans are registered with the global market leader Facebook alone. Millions of potential customers that you can promote new products extremely accurately with Facebook Ads.

Social Media Basics for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Co.

Here you can find all social media marketing tutorials.

Media campaigns in Frankfurt: Online marketing with opinion leaders

Influencer marketing is ostensibly about gaining brand or product advocates. Bloggers, on Snapchat or Instagram, who are in demand as sought-after people for certain topics to stand with their good name for new to win. Influencers have with their communicative work, for example, strong influence on the recommendation quantity, evaluation and assessment of companies from. Influencers can be politicians and journalists who are active in social networks The word influencer is generally understood to mean a person who is relevant for marketing and advertising due to their high reputation and their strong presence in social media An influencer is a person who has made a real name for themselves through social commitment in a specific field. Influencers’ communities, which have been built up over many years, are used extremely effectively for marketing campaigns and advertising by companies.

Keynote Speaker in Frankfurt: Social Media Marketing and Management

The trend of digitalization can be seen everywhere, not only in online retail. In the lecture, we will address the new highlights in marketing and unique best practices. At our lectures in Kiel, we as speakers answer your questions on the topic of social media. On the web 24 hours a day, we are always online. We offer know-how and agency experience from many media projects. Read more about our speeches, presentations and speakers in Frankfurt am Main.

Think Big? Not necessarily!

On a local level, a hairdresser active in Facebook can also be suitable for companies. Increase the reputation and credibility in your brand with the transferred trust of your target group. For Frankfurt and the whole world, they can fundamentally distinguish three influencer types:

  1. Brand critics, by expressing themselves negatively towards your brand on social media, they exert a direct influence on the opinion of third parties and their purchase decision with their comments, which is negative for you. Critics are critical of your company at all times.
  2. Brand lovers, they have a close connection to it. In addition, bring a wealth of experience
  3. Brand experts, brand experts draw on the deep expertise in the review of products and are almost always neutral towards brands. Brand experts are recognized as experts in their field.

For example, influencers are: bloggers, Instagrammers, presenters, VIPs, actors, social media users with enough followers, entertainers, satisfied existing customers, models, politicians, youtubers, journalists, etc. Read more about Influencer Marketing Frankfurt here.

Brand ambassadors from Frankfurt discover with us as management

Many online marketers in agencies do not see Instagram as a sales channel for their products. Low advertising losses, due to the very exact target group in Instagram. What differentiates Instagram, especially from other social networks like Twitter, is its overly accurate user information.

Facebook’s retargeting allows you to reach exactly the right people

The Social Media Managers of Social Media One advise all companies with commitment. The more precisely your target group is determined, the stronger your user interaction will be. With functions such as Graph Search from Facebook, great techniques are available to you in the Adsmanager, not only to analyze your fans extensively. This is how we produce exact social media concepts for you. With Social Media One you have the social media consulting experts for your planned or even your very first ad campaign on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Your Social Media Marketing Report Frankfurt: Today we reveal all the data!

732,688 citizens live, with family, partner or alone in Frankfurt at the moment. For companies, Frankfurt with its digital possibilities is a good city for digital, social media advertising. Back in 2010 there were 679,664, Frankfurt is a permanently changing city. A long-standing population trend, the population of Frankfurt is growing over so by 53,024 city residents or 8% in just five years. Related to the total area of Frankfurt, you can as a regional company directly 2951 inhabitants / km ² in their own area. Only a trained view of the available on-line studies of the last months and years shows, purely statistically Frankfurt family enterprises and companies 58 billion euro annually into digital marketing, already knew? Managers are also online,9,381 want to find new customers and business partners, not only within the well-known career portals, such as LinkedIn or Xing in Germany.

Is the advertising investment worth it?

Statistically relevant peaks create them daily between approximately 16 to 20 o’clock with 153,864 Internet users. In contrast, 21,981 people are online between 5 and 8 a.m., which is clearly less! Today alone, an average of 96,202 Frankfurt residents will be online in social media and chatting with friends. 520,696 people from Frankfurt will post or comment on pictures of friends and acquaintances. In Frankfurt alone, the ever-familiar “Like” button is pressed 493,291 times a day. As well as 38,367 new pictures posted by registered people in their timelines. 96,158 most want to chat with other people on social media. 70,360 social media users want to make friends here. Business contacts and career opportunities as well as innovative stories are what 16,417 are looking for. 9,381 also want to track down online customers for companies.

Conclusion: Yes!

For all companies and agencies, social media marketing is therefore an indispensable tool for effective, target group-oriented digital marketing without much wastage. We know, for your company it is important to know your target group and your market as precisely as possible, to track them, to define them even more precisely for your goals and to constantly optimize them. very targeted approach With smart strongly linked ideas between Facebook and other social networks Instagram. Social media networks offer your campaign enormous expansion potential for your social media presence in Social media, targeted targeting of user groups and extremely fast increase in reach. has become normal for many advertising agencies, social media contributes an increasingly decisive percentage. We have realized campaigns for brands and companies from Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf to Munich with clients and companies. Social Media One: Your agency for Instagram for national, regional and international advertising campaigns.

DIY! Facebook Marketing Frankfurt Online Course

There are many tutorials and good social media marketing articles on the blog. However, if you want to know insiders, you have to dig deeper into the bag of tricks. Even for small businesses, this Facebook marketing course from our partner agency AdBaker is worth a look. In the article ‘Facebook Marketing’ I explain the online workshop of our choice in ten steps:

Advertising times in Frankfurt

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
Users per day
in Frankfurt
5-8 o’clock12.3091.4991.635817
8 am – 1 pm59.0847.1937.8473.923
13-16 h69.7528.4929.2644.632
4-8 p.m.78.9849.61510.4905.245
20-24 h49.2375.9946.5393.269
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock86.16410.49911.4545.722
Daily cut69.6706.5587.1553.577
Peak increase
at a daily average

Investigated: This is why Frankfurters are active online

People / UsersPeople / Users
Intercations / Day
in Frankfurt
Comments and Likes276.24333.661
Acquaintances, friends102.44412.483
Chat and entertainment53.8496.562
New friends, acquaintances39.4024.801
Job, Work, Career9.1941.120
Customer acquisition5.254640

Views per month

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors / month
in m
Visitors / year
in m