Social Media Marketing Report Leipzig

We are the social media agency for all companies for your campaigns in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Our agency advertising for well-known clients from Berlin, Hamburg to Munich designed and implemented. Well prepared, for viral concepts we arrange the best campaign managers for your project. For all companies, innovative social media marketing is therefore an inevitable tool to start smart, target group-oriented digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing for Instagram, Facebook & Co.

Well-tuned social media campaigns promote your new products much more efficiently. The technical possibilities of social networks make our communication with our friends so easy. Virality decides when it comes to presentable advertising campaigns for established brands. rapid increase in reach We work with experts from the personal network and experience for the relevant decisions in social media marketing. Our social media marketing offers you your modern brand presence, highly targeted approach as well as extremely fast increase in reach. Increase your sales right now!

Social media marketing has become standard for numerous advertising companies and is always gaining . With smart strongly linked ideas between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Using data to create the best ad on Facebook

Our social media agents have helped many companies with advice on digital transformation and managed various successful campaigns, always with innovation and careful monitoring of all relevant metrics. Media usage in Germany shows that over sixty million Germans are online (ARD/ZDF Online Study). With our agency Social Media One, the professionals for Facebook advertising campaigns in Berlin you can be sure to reach the right people with your product at every minute. Tell your fans a company story and gain fans for many years to come. Build brand fans today.


Through Instagram, you increase your reach especially among young consumers

What sets Instagram apart from other high-reach social networks like Twitter is its extremely precise targeting. A large number of online marketers in agencies do not yet see Instagram as an efficient or wide-reaching channel to develop new target groups. Due to the individual users of Instagram, young people, you can operate inherently with little resulting wastage of advertising measures.

With Facebok Retargeting you can target people for Leipzig Startups

Interaction is what matters in social media marketing. A precisely hit target group to address increases the interaction such as likes considerably for your brand. Every campaign concept has its specific challenges, we advise and support individual companies with enthusiasm for the market and proactive suggestions. With options like Graph Search, you have great tools at your disposal. Not only to analyze followers extensively. With our social media marketing management, your brand always has the social media consulting experts for the upcoming or first campaign on Instagram.

Marketing through Instagrammers: Success with Influencers in Leipzig

This means that an influencer is always a person who has created a name for himself in the scene through a lot of professional competence in a certain field. Multipliers who are in demand as experts in their field at PR and social media agencies to win with their name for new products to be in focus. Influencers, for example, exert a strong influence on referrals to friends and reviews of companies and brands. The communities of influencers as multipliers are effectively used here for advertising and marketing with always low wastage. Lift the value and credibility in your brand with the trust of your target audience. Regionally, this is the often visited boutique. For media managers are influencers:

  • Experts
  • Existing customers
  • Forum operator
  • Actors
  • Youtuber
  • Athlete
  • Journalists

All facts at a glance for Social Media Manager in Leipzig

Leipzig currently has 560,472 inhabitants. Social media marketing is worthwhile with 1885 people / square kilometer for companies with Werbeduget. Each of the 560,472 Leipzig residents can be a potential prospect for your next brand. In 2010, there were 522,883, an ever-changing city. A population trend that is longer lasting. The total population of Leipzig is growing strongly by 7% or 37,589 people in the last 5 years. The various results of renowned online studies show that, statistically speaking, Leipzig companies spend 44 billion euros a year on online marketing, did you know that? 12.558 Leipziger use social networks of course also for professional interest. New projects and also work are permanently present in social media for internet users, not only for managers of companies. Is the advertising investment worthwhile? Top values make the Internet users between 19-20 o’clock with 117,699 Internet users. In the main time of social media use you will reach 44 thousand additional people! According to analysis, other time periods are hardly worthwhile for companies. In comparison, between 1pm-4pm there are barely 95,280 people online . Only today are on average again 73,590 Leipzig online be. Only with the evaluation of photos occupy themselves daily 398,308 humans. And 29,349 new selfies posted by users in Timelines. 139,937 users in Leipzig want to keep in touch with their friends. 73,557 would like to talk to others. Business contacts for the own network and job opportunities but also always innovative ways are looking for 12,558. 7,176 want to get online clients for companies to do so.

Daily use of social media in Leipzig

People / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / UsersPeople / Users
social media
User / day
in Leipzig
5-8 o’clock9.4161.1461.251625
8 am – 1 pm45.1965.5036.0033.001
13-16 h53.3576.4967.0873.543
4-8 p.m.60.4197.3568.0254.012
20-24 h37.6644.5865.0022.501
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock65.9128.0328.7624.377
Daily cut53.2945.0175.4742.737
Peak increase
at a daily average

Daily interactions from Leipzig

People / UsersPeople / Users
intercations per day
in Leipzig
Comments, Likes211.31325.749
Contacts, friends78.3659.549
Chat and entertainment41.1925.019
New acquaintances, friends30.1403.673
Work, job and career7.033857
New customers, acquisition4.019490

Views per month

People / UsersPeople / Users
Visitors / month
in m
Visitors / year
in m