Social Media Marketing Report Braunschweig

The ease of use of social networks make our communication with friends, family, and colleagues more straightforward than ever. Smart social media campaigns market your new products much more effectively.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Our agency focuses on strong, viral brands. In Hamburg, Frankfurt and in Munich, we have managed first-class social media campaigns in cooperation with many clients. Increase your company’s profits sustainably with social media marketing. For all companies and businesses, innovative social media marketing is therefore an inevitable tool to start effective online marketing. When it comes to social media, we are always happy to be your contact. international campaigns Anytime! For viral advertising campaigns we have the ideal consultant for your media project. has become standard for numerous agencies. Social media has an increasingly clear percentage of. We work with reliable social media managers for groups and dynamics for all areas in online marketing.

Social Media Marketing designs for you efficient interaction with the community, very targeted addressing of user groups as well as efficient communication with the community. Digital marketing is today to the known standard marketing tools for media managers Youtube, Facebook or Instagram, we organize your social media channel sustainable with multimedia ideas for more organic reach. You and we know, for your marketing it is important to get to know your market and your target groups as precisely as possible, to observe them through smart tools on your media, to define them for yourself and to further optimize them all the time. People change their behavior patterns, so media usage is shifting more and more to social networks. Build brand fans in a planned way now, use creative technologies like retargeting pixels to re-promote for your intended targets. In the largest social network Facebook alone, a third of German Internet users are active, potential customers also in Berlin, which social media managers can target with ads quickly for new products. With our agency Social Media One, the professionals for Facebook campaigns, your team can be sure to reach the most interested users.

Leadpower Instagram: Rely on Influencers

What makes Instagram so effective is its extremely fine targeting. Low advertising losses, with campaign experience and know-how from experts. Instagram is usually still little developed in small and medium-sized companies in Berlin for services and products that are to be promoted in the various social networks through multimedia content. Interaction is what matters in social media marketing. The precisely selected target group increases the factor of visitor interaction rate such as Likes considerably. With our social media marketing management, your business will always have the social media experts for the upcoming or first advertising campaign. We at Social Media One and our social media social media marketing managers advise and serve all our companies with interest and dedication. With features like Graph Search, your marketing team has great tools at their disposal to increase channel efficiency. Not only allowing you to analyze fans extensively, so you make accurate advertising concepts.


All facts for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook & Co. at a glance for social media managers in Braunschweig

At the moment 251,364 people live and work at home in Braunschweig. In terms of Braunschweig’s total area, you as a local company can immediately 1,308 people per km² in your vicinity. Trust your impact starting today. Each of the 251,364 Brunswickers is a potential buyer for Brands for your marketers. Back in 2010, there were 248,867 in the city. A trend that has lasted longer. The population of Brunswick is growing by 2,497 inhabitants or 1% in the last five years.

The different results of online studies show. Purely statistically Braunschweig companies 16 billion euros annually in online advertising, with such high advertising investments, even we would not have expected in the evaluation? 5.632 Braunschweiger use social networks for professional reasons. New projects and also work are always present in social networks in times of global communication for all users, Not only for CEOs with responsibility. Now when is it worthwhile to invest in measures like Facebook Ads? The largest number of people is active for your company in social networks in the main time from about 16-20 o’clock in the evening are 52,786 Braunschweiger in social media. Throughout the day, approximately 6am-2pm, 33,004 people are online in Brunswick. Correspondingly, between 1pm-4pm, only 42,732 people are online in Brunswick . 178,636 people interact with images. In Brunswick alone, users hit the Like button 169,234 times every single business day. 376,075 direct messages are sent, regardless of the day.

32,989 want to talk to other people on social networks. 24,138 Brunswick Internet users are trying to meet new friends. New business contacts and job opportunities but also always new stories are looking for 5,632 of Brunswick’s Internet users. Looking for customers also from other metropolitan areas are looking daily 5,632 users.

Investigated! That is why Braunschweiger Online

Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Interactions per day
in Braunschweig
100.036 12.190
Likes, Comments 94.771 11.548
News 210.602 25.663
Photos 7.371 898
Acquaintances, friends 35.146 4.283
Chat, Entertainment 18.474 2.251
New acquaintances, friends 13.518 1.647
Work, Job, Career 3.154 384
customer acquisition 1.802 220


Interaction Facebook Instagram
People / Users People / Users
Visitors / month
in m
1.685.063 48.776
Visitors per year
in m
20.220.759 585.310

Profitable times for advertising

Interaction Facebook Instagram Youtube Snapchat
People / Users People / Users People / Users People / Users
social media
Users per day
in Braunschweig
23.902 2.249 2.453 1.227
5-8 o’clock 4.223 514 561 280
8 am – 1 pm 20.270 2.466 2.691 1.345
13-16 h 23.930 2.912 3.176 1.588
4-8 p.m. 27.097 3.297 3.597 1.798
20-24 h 16.892 2.055 2.242 1.121
Prime Time (Peak)
19-20 o’clock 29.560 3.602 3.930 1.962
Daily cut 23.902 2.249 2.453 1.227
Peak increase
at a daily average
23.902 2.249 2.453 1.227