Expert on TV, in newspapers and as speaker at events: Social Media Marketing with Stephan Czaja

Social Media Expert – Spring is here and the marketing machinery is running at full speed again: fashion, food, real estate, lots to do! In addition, we are in the next few weeks directly on three dates as a speaker to experience, in Cologne, Munich and in June in Berlin. Thank you for your trust in our social media blog and in our social media agency. After four meetings today (perfume, music and again real estate) it’s 11:18 pm and I’m sitting with my notebook on our rooftop at a relaxed 28° and a cappocino. Finally some time to collect some references of the last months or the last year. I was able to find some more and wanted to give a small overview of the last interviews.

TV, newspaper and magazine – excerpts

Here you can see a few current excerpts from TV interviews, including with Deutsche Welle, Sat 1 and ZDF. He was also an expert on Pro 7 taff and RTL explosiv. On the radio at DF (Deutschlandfunk) and DF Kultur. In addition, he gives answers in magazines such as Business Insider (Axel Springer), Rheinische Post, FIV Magazine, Internet World Business, and many more.

His companies have also been featured in prestigious international magazines such as El Pais (Spain), the Huffington Post (UK) and Rolling Stone Magazine (USA).

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Stephan M. Czaja (Owner, Speaker) at Deutsche Welle TV

Stephan M. Czaja (Owner, Speaker) on breakfast television

Stephan M. Czaja (Owner, Speaker) at Endlich Feierabend

Stephan M. Czaja (owner, speaker) with Mona-Lisa, ZDF

Collage of the past year

In addition to media appearances, we are also on the road as social media speakers and give workshops for staff training. We are looking forward to your request!

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