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Social Media Agency for Cruises – No other industry has generated such large increases in recent years as cruise tourism. Discovering distant countries, many destinations in a short time, wellness and relaxation on board at the same time. More and more book a cruise for their vacation instead of typical hotels in cities. Accordingly, the competition is getting bigger. Especially 2-ways are extremely effective, search engine optimization and social media marketing. No matter if own channel building with community, ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or even referral marketing through influencers. The possibilities are extremely diverse, so we would like to give you a small overview of how the current distribution of users in the social networks is and through which ways you can reach your target audience most effectively.

Book a cruise: But with you! Marketing

Cheap to the Mediterranean, last minute to Norway or to the coasts of the Caribbean. No industry brings people to your dream destinations as quickly as the cruise. Instead of 2 weeks of vacation in the same place, there are almost daily new destinations on offer.

Where is the best place to book cruises? How much does a 14 day cruise cost? Which cruises are the best? What cruise ships are sailing in the Mediterranean? These are all questions you can answer! How to attract new customers. How and where, we explain to you here briefly and clearly:

Goal 1: Your own cruise community

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s all about two big, premiere goals. Goal 1: Your own community, for organic reach, brand awareness and again, targeting existing customers, but also people interested in “the topic”. The larger your own community, the greater the reach you can generate without additional advertising. Completely without, it does not go however! Why? Reach is the business model of social networks, so they don’t exist for free. Reach has its price.

Goal 2: Effective campaign management (advertisements)

Therefore, goal 2 is: Effective campaign management (ads). Due to the large data sets of social networks, you can target people extremely precisely, e.g. based on their individual interests.

So whoever is interested in long-distance travel destinations could potentially be one of your contacts! Of course, it goes even more precise, e.g. by age, place of residence, marital status, the possibilities are many! Therefore, it is worth having a good and experienced social media agency, with experience in tourism, at your side.

No matter where it goes: We reach your target group!

  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • Baltic Sea Cruise
  • Western European coast
  • Travel to the Canary Islands
  • Discover North America
  • Emirates and Orient
  • Cruise routes through the Caribbean
  • World Travel

Travel in the Mediterranean:

Traveling North:

Current offers, big names like “Aida” and “Mein Schiff” or even “Tui Cruises”, as an agent and travel agency it is worthwhile to look at the advantages of online markeitng and social media marketing in particular.

Depending on the current state and target state of your social media channels and activities, the analysis begins. In 99% of cases, we do this in a joint workshop. That is the most effective! After the social media consultation, we derive the social media strategy and finally go into the activities in the individual social networks.

You want a first overview?

Here is a small overview for you, which social networks are currently interesting for which target groups in tourism!

Marketing Mix: Social Networks and Weighting

Which target group do you primarily want to address? Today, social media is no longer a medium only for young people, but for a broad mass of people. Nevertheless, the user groups differ:

Every generation has its own social network.

The youngest users can be found on TikTok, older ones on Facebook, the middle target groups around 25 to 35 rather on Instagram. The better selected, the more efficiently your media budget is used. This lowers costs and prices, through higher revenues per euro, dollar or 1,000 contacts, depending on which primary metrics are set in your strategy, together to measure success.

Lifestyle-oriented target groups: 16 – 35 years of age

Instagram and TikTok are currently particularly suitable for target groups under the age of 35. However, the communication also differs significantly in these two social networks. Depending on this, the content marketing strategy for shipping must be planned.

Instagram marketing: new customers for cruises

Instagram Marketing – Target groups between the ages of 16 and 35 are flocking to the Instagram app in particular. It’s about lifestyle, it’s about fashion, it’s about the good life! Just like fitness, nutrition and recipes or even cute pets. Accordingly, all content (images, text [stories and posts] and videos) are also designed and produced to provide the greatest fit for the target audience. Did you know. Through Instagram Shopping, you can also offer hotel rooms directly on Instagram, with booking.

Community, Shopping, Ads, read more about here:

TikTok Marketing: First Branding (and Parents)

TikTok Marketing – TikTok is the youngest, big social network, if you will. Here, you’ll find target audiences under the age of 24 in particular. Content marketing on TikTok is much more sophisticated, because it’s no longer enough to “just” post links, e.g. like on Facebook or single photos, like on Instagram. Just look at the most popular TikTok videos.

In this way, you can also indirectly reach parents. From family holidays with the almost adult child, graduation trips, but also the first holiday with the partner, at 18, 19 or 20 years.

Read more about TikTok Marketing here:

Broad target groups, high length of stay: 30+ years

However, Facebook (and Youtube) is where it gets interesting for you as a provider or agent of ship cruises.

Facebook Marketing: Many fish in the pond

Facebook Marketing – If you want your hotel rooms to reach a wide audience: Singles, but also couples to families and grandparents whose children are already out of the house, then the primary activity probably falls on Facebook. Perfect for family vacations, package tours, or even your next city break. Here you can reach countless people, through your own Facebook channel, but also through Facebook groups and other Facebook pages (keyword referral marketing).

Comparison – So on Facebook you are more likely to communicate with parents and grandparents. Young parents, with babies and toddlers, for example, would be more likely to find and engage you on Instagram.

Reach wealthy target groups, for example for a whole world trip:

Tip. Find motivated employees

Not only customers, but also potential employees(recruiting) can be excellently advertised via social media. At the same time, your hotel benefits from the positive effect: “We’re hiring!” – passive advertising. PS: Of course also globally.

Thousands of options… One agency: One

Youtube Marketing: Show dreams (!) and recommendations

Youtube Marketing – Video marketing on YouTube requires a lot of planning and coordination, after all, it is no longer “just” about texts and photos, but about videos and often in a longer and professional format. Because, without good content it does not work, whether visually, e.g. through a documentary with drone flight sequences or through the content itself, which is then described e.g. in 8 minute long tutorials. A beauty tutorial for a make-up brand would be classic here. And for hotels? Influencers can be used here as well, even without an own Youtube channel.

Videographer, moderation, the content itself, the location, all this has to be planned. For this, YouTube has an extremely large effect, because users do not invest only a fraction of a second in a photo (average Instagram 0.3 seconds / post), but often watch videos for 5, 6, 7 minutes and even longer. That means the engagement time is very high!

Elaborate but effective:

Backstage! For example, through insights from the board life of the crew:

Tip. A little “Social SEO

Pinterest Marketing – Good social media marketing builds your own community, but it can also have positive aspects for your search engine optimization. Whether Google, Yandex, Bing, especially through activities on Pinterest, you can also get rankings on the first page. E.g. through cleverly created image galleries, which at the same time carry backlinks to your online hotel bookings.

This is how you get your customers, without any intermediary portal at all!

Contact and contact person

Everything starts in the workshop – Regular appointments with our social media experts for strategy optimization. We look forward to your project request!

Social Media Marketing Tourism & Travel

Who are you? Where are you going? And how at all? A look at the industry, product(s), target group(s) is the first step. Travel itself is as diverse as places and destinations. Individual travel in a motorhome, short breaks in the city, with a hotel on a package holiday or on an extended cruise, with the whole family, is enormous. Depending on the destination, time period, season. Learn more about social media marketing strategies, at a glance, here.