Social media marketing for pets: Advertising for cat, dog, mouse & co.

Social Media Marketing for Agency – 66% see their pet as their “best friend”, 59% as a “cuddly toy”, 37% even see their pet as a “protector” and a full 33% as a “child”. This shows the high, emotional bond between pet and pet owner. Few things are as present in households in this country as pets. Dogs, cats, budgies, hamsters, guinea pigs and many more cute roommates cavort in our living rooms. But how do you reach pet lovers on social media? Especially when looking at the different social networks, with their individual target groups and interest groups. This is exactly where the work of a social media agency comes in.

Find and activate animal lovers: But how?

Whether it’s food, toys, clothing and accessories for cats, dogs, mice, etc. Social media marketing is all about one thing, interaction. If you want to build your own community that actively talks about your brand, but also recommends your products to each other (within the community), then it is no longer enough to post a product here and there. Social media marketing needs structure, planning and of course efficiency, especially when combined with e-commerce. Keywords here are already social media advertising, targeting but also re-targeting of user groups. But let’s start at the very beginning. How does a social media agency work?

Mistake: Some ad agency is doing this

Many companies have been working with classic advertising agencies or PR agencies. Social media marketing is then added to the actual program, but treated stepmotherly. Accordingly, campaigns run into the void, postings do not provide interaction and advertisements do not provide sales in the online shop.

Performance and presence: really (!) reach users

The most common mistake, the mindset of “social media has to be done!” Yet social media is so personal, people look at their favorite apps in the morning, at lunch, at dinner and of course before bed. So social media is omnipresent. Accordingly, love must be put into concepts and strategies, as well as experience but also know-how for a good performance, simply put sales in the online shop.

Emotions for pet fans! That’s what it’s about

Especially with pet owners, it’s all about emotions that you need to evoke as a brand. Fortunately, it’s even a little easier for you than it is for many other brands. After all, you are already working with a product that provides high emotions in millions of households. Actually, the perfect foundation for social media marketing!

Since you have already landed on this page, the first step has already been taken. But what happens next?

The most popular pet, the cat!

number 2 most popular pets, the dog.

Workshop: Step 1 to the social marketing concept

Workshop – a joint workshop with you and our social media expert is the basis and the beginning of the cooperation. Here we analyze the brand, the products but also the target group for your snacks, treats, toys,… for cat, dog, hamster, mouse… singles, single parents, families, men, women, elderly people,… continue with areas of interest, your own place of residence, various parameters that ultimately lead to the creation of your social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy for Pets

Mentioned here again, should you want to learn more about each area, you can find more in-depth articles, guides and tips in our main menu but also in our social media blog.

Quickly explained, the social media strategy provides the common thread. Simply put, an editorial plan that everyone on the team adheres to, combining different aspects, from content of each post, to posting times, to tagging (increasing interaction). Within the social networks, between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, but also other representatives, social media marketing has become more complex, so the experience of a good social media agency will help you develop their own concept.

Then it’s on to the day-to-day work and activities on your social media channels. Of course, also external if you are thinking about influencer marketing. The possibilities are many, from influencer marketing to paid reach, advertising on social networks.

The great Why of the speech

What is a pet’s job anyway? Tasks of pets in the US

  • Best friend – 66%
  • Cuddly toy – 59%
  • Protector – 37%
  • Child – 33%
  • Therapist – 25%

Statistik: Aufgaben von Haustieren in den USA im Jahr 2010 | Statista

Love meets performance

Not only are we top equipped for the job as a social media agency, through our experience and expertise, we also have three cute little staff members in the office with lots of fur!

Strategy means one thing above all else, knowing your target audience.

Targeting: Exact addressing of persons

Another very important aspect, advertising on social networks. But why are the social networks so strong?

You know that social networks store and of course process a lot of data about their users. The largest social network alone has well over 2,000 parameters of information per user. This includes simple information, such as age, place of residence or interests, as well as more complex information, such as the history of likes. The more information social networks have, the more efficiently they can serve ads to their customers. This is exactly what we use as a social media agency to create ads with performance!

Identify and promote target groups

Accordingly, we can also make good connections, for example, between families, single, dog owners, cat owners, budgie owners, hamster owners, mice owners and all other types of pets. Advertisements can be designed accordingly precisely in visual aspects (image, video) but also in communication, such as text, emojis, links.

And you can always be more specific! Here we really only want to show you a small aspect of the possibilities that are available to you as a company with the right social media agency.

You can address the exact target groups even more precisely at individual locations, e.g. at places of residence but also at people who are interested in certain places, e.g. because they want to travel there soon.

But you can also target people who have visited your online shop, were interested in a certain toy or food and now should be shown ads of this single, special product again for two, three weeks. As you can see, the marketing tools within social media ADS are powerful and diverse.

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