Sales and sales promotion through Social Media Marketing + Best Practice figures

Sales promotion through social media marketing – Sometimes it can be so simple. Digital transformation is a buzzword for many. This is really only about bringing the sales prospect from the mailbox into a new, digital form. How about social media marketing? Whether Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. In the social networks almost all consumers of this republic are swimming. Those who are not logged in are surrounded by people who are daily in social networks. This means that if we do not reach social networks, we can reach it through oral propaganda. But before this is done, we need a basic understanding of social media marketing and advertising, or “advertising on social networks”.

Increase sales for A products with strategy and social media concept

If you intend to give certain products a special value or a particularly high priority in their sales promotion, then different marketing possibilities are offered to target your product or service, the right people or target groups, and thus your own sales figures To increase. Why the prioritization ask? First, it is worthwhile to bring the classic “cash cows” online. They promise the greatest success if they already work in the analogue market. Companies, companies and brands pursue very different goals:

  1. Registration for newsletter, funnel, member area, etc.
  2. Sales in the Onlineshop, Amazon, Ebay, etc.
  3. Forwarding for affiliates, digital products, etc.
  4. Two out of three Internet users are active in social networks

In times of social networks, of course, the most relevant social networks are offered here in order to reach people efficiently and to inspire them for their own product. Previously you had to pay a lot of apprenticeship, because the own advertising campaign had to be planned first, then realized. After that, the wait will start until the first sales figures arrive. What is the effect of a single poster? No one can judge it accurately. In social media marketing this is possible! In the past marketing messages were characterized by high scatter losses. An advertisement was played on all possible persons. Today, we are able to reach and address people very precisely through modern strategies and concepts and software solutions from the network operators. The most popular network is Facebook, but what are the best known networks in Germany?

  1. Youtube – 81.8% say they know Youtube. Even if not all are registered separately, Youtube is next to Facebook the most important social network in Germany and thus also essential for social media marketing.
  2. Facebook – 80.8% know the largest network in the world by founder Mark Zuckerberg.
  3. Twitter – 56.9% say they know Twitter. But the least of it is done. Many insiders also say that companies, companies follow and the rest … are bots.

Source: Tomorrow Foucs Media

Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram – Decorate existing products on social networks

If you have an existing product that you want to promote on social networks, you must also adapt the presentation of your advertising ad to the new target groups. While quite different factors play a decisive role on large posters in the city centers, social networks are mainly “snack contents”, meaning small, fast-to-use content. They reach the highest interaction rates of the users. Especially in social networks, users scroll their own timeline quickly. Photo, photo, text, video, advertising, photo, photo, etc. Many different media from different friends and companies – notice is the A & O. How much time do we have? Just a single moment! This is why it is particularly important in social networks to inspire the user directly in the first second, so that he / she remains thereby and in the ideal case in the end interacted with our content.

Interaction and call-to-action in the social media concept

The interaction rate is one of the key criteria when it comes to running social media marketing. An interaction can consist of many different things, as described above (registrations as in the newsletter, forwarding for affiliates or sales in the onlineshop). The success increases when the concept is well thought-out, from step A to final. The most important thing for social networks: Here you can segment the different target groups and use targeted information. Marketers know the system for example from Funnels. Depending on their preferences, knowledge or individual interests, users are provided with tailored content in the sales process. As a result, we avoid scatter losses and ensure a high interaction rate with the advertised product.

What is the perfect social media content?

In order to extract the highest interaction rate from the user, one should, as already said, pay attention to content that convinces the user quickly. A very simple example are small product videos, as you see in the example here. These do not have to be recorded with high-quality cameras, but can be easily made with the mobile phone.

Here is a summary of what a video looks like:

  1. Little effort in production> Authentic videos
  2. The most important (the product) comes right at the beginning
  3. Video ideally contains music and when spoken text, then also written text (or subtitle for Facebook, Instagram, since mobile phones are often silent)
  4. The length of each video should be a maximum of 40 seconds
  5. Finally, the sales platform (logo, etc.)
  6. Costs are then often

40 seconds (max. 60), with these videos you can achieve high quality interaction rates at which every click costs less than a cent! If you then distribute an advertisement and only put a three-digit amount on it, you achieve a very high reach for your product in social media marketing. When we reach an interaction rate of 6.5%, we can quickly figure out how profitable such a social media campaign can be. Due to the extreme avoidance of scatter losses and the resulting efficiency of the advertising budgets, companies that are not active in this market are opening up new opportunities and opportunities.

Advertising on Facebook: target groups and advertising budgets

How accurate advertising can be from Facebook, that I have already written last week in the article about Facebook Marketing.

Facebook is particularly suited as a social network to advertising. Here, above all, buoyant people, mostly over the age of 18, and already firmly in life, with occupation and partly with families. Advertising is therefore not only for private customers, business talks can also be handled via Facebook meanwhile. Advertising ads are not just for fashion companies, eg A dress to bring to individuals, Facebook Advertising can also be used for providers, eg. Of office equipment. On Facebook, you should pay attention to three things. The first is the Admanager. Even if you are not in the professional area (Facebook Business Manager), but the first settings from the front end, the overview is definitely given. You have three options. This includes, for example, the location of the advertised people, the interests and their age. Here you can already segment before whom the advertisement is to be played. If you want to go one step further, start your ad campaigns in Business Manager.

The Facebook Business Manager for Social Media Manager

Performance is everything! If we step one step, we will go directly to the Facebook Business Manager. Here, the setting possibilities are naturally much larger and more extensive. Not only will you create a single campaign, the campaign will also be duplicated and tested against various A / B tests. The coronation of the whole is now retargeting. This allows you to select your targeted users exactly, eg. Site visits, fans or a “look alike audience”. It defines a target audience that corresponds to one percent of Facebook users who have the largest intersections with you, your company, your product, and the interests of your other visitors. Here, you can see why social media marketing is so efficient when it comes to addressing groups as closely as possible.

Advertising on Instagram and Snapchat for young target groups

With the Facebook Business Manager you can not only advertise on Facebook but also on Instagram. Here young people romp about. If your own parents are still on Facebook, many of the younger ones will turn out to be on Instagram or on Snapchat. These two social networks are increasingly gaining popularity among people. On Snapchat there are now first commercials, much larger is however still Instagram! The advantage of advertising on Instagram, you can view all projects directly through their Facebook Manager. This saves you time and effort. On Instgram and Snapchat also find many product placements rather than bloggers and influencers. If you want to find out more here, read the article about Influencer Marketing.

Best Practice with Youtube Video Marketing

In the blog of our advertising agency you will find a current example on “Youtube Video Marketing”. With new channel and first video to over 50k + Views. The graphics show the first 6 days of the campaign.

Conclusion Social media marketing is a perfect sales promotion tool

In summary, social media marketing and its activities for companies and companies, as well as for public figures, is an absolute high-quality tool to bring their own products and services to the right target groups. Through the different networks and the different settings, you can effectively operate marketing without having to use high-priced TV advertising or advertising in the inner city. You reach users in the right moments (for example, the dreamy scrolling through Facebook) and you can activate directly and without any detours for interaction, even for purchase.

I wish you success!