Pinterest Marketing Strategy: Organic reach – 100,000 impressions / month, free!

Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Organic Reach you may already know it from the Search Engine Optimization, in E-Commerce, it is also important when it comes to Social Media Marketing, even more special Pinterest Marketing. 100.000 impressions / month free of charge are 1.200.000 impressions / year. That means over 1 million brand contacts for ideas, marketing campaigns, product advertising, image and much more. Here is a brief overview, how does such a social media or exact Pinterest strategy work? – best practice

Organic range: 100,000 impressions / month free of charge

You can see the power of Pinterest very well in this small example of an agency.

goal: brand awareness (attention to the brand)

The channel is currently being built and, with the right strategies and methods, it already reaches over 100,000 organic impressions in a very short time. That is 100,000 users who have a contact with the brand. Of course, everything has been thought of that strategically a large part of the pins are provided with the respective branding.

But how do you achieve 100,000 impressions per month, simply explained?

Structure: Galleries (pinboard) and pins (example)

Before we get to the methodology, as Pinterest Agency we consider each project unique. The approach is different for each company, each area, each target group and also each region. Basically, however, a successful strategy on Pinterest can be summed up by looking at organic traffic alone.

Strategies differ, depending on:

  • Company (philosophy, history, values, etc.)
  • Industry / Sector
  • Product / Message
  • Target group (in intersection with Pinterest target group)
  • Region

Organic Traffic vs Ads: Comparison

With 100,000 viewers (impression term on Pinterest) per month, you can do a lot, from brand building, or brand awareness, to the direct sale of physical and digital products in your own e-commerce. Every single click, that means also potential buyers, is of course worth a lot. A look at the advertising costs incurred by advertising on Pinterest shows why organic development is so right.

Most of the people reading this article are ready for e-commerce and are therefore usually already familiar with advertising on Google. Therefore here is a little comparison why many people rely on organic reach in search engine optimization but also in Pinterest Marketing.

Price example: Real estate sales from SEO

An example from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which shows the principle of advertising costs quickly and easily.

Price calculation Ads:

  • CPC at 12.23 to 14.83 Euro
  • 1,000 clicks cost 12,230 to 14,830 Euro each
  • Note: Only if capacities are available (competition)

Every organically generated click that is made at the moment of information search (search engine) saves money. With 1,000, 5,000 and at some point 10,000 clicks and more, an increasingly relevant size of marketing expenditure in companies.

Strategy: Organic Keyword Marketing

Let’s start step by step so that you understand Pinterest as a marketing platform.

Target group analysis, method and interaction

Step number one is the target group analysis. Who is your target group and how big is the intersection to the users on Pinterest? What possibilities, ideas and strategies can be used to turn them from viewers to potential buyers and ideally, to actual suitcases and, ideally, regular customers.

The second big question now is, through which interaction possibilities can these target groups be reached? One possibility would be to work with keywords that are searched for in search engines, for example. Search engines in turn place the Pinterest pinboards relatively high up in their search results. The next important strategy when it comes to keywords is internal search. A large part of the search queries are submitted directly within the app.

  1. Target group analysis (product / brand)
  2. Target group analysis (Pinterest)
  3. Competition analysis (Pinterest)
  4. Methodology, example: Organic Keyword Marketing

But it is not only about the structure. It is just the foundation for good Pinterest Marketing. Constant keyword analysis and trend analysis are also a big part of it.

Create pinboards, select keywords: structure

Based on the intersection of target groups and keywords, the structure of the individual pinboards is then formed. Finally, all galleries must be maintained in the ongoing process. Accordingly, the pre-selection is correct, which topics and target groups are covered and which are not.

Now it’s time to slowly build up the content, i.e. the individual media. There are various options available, from photo to video material.

Advantage: Pin and Repin (90%)

The big question here is, how must media be prepared so that they attract attention? Then Pinterest is not only about its own publications, it’s mainly about pinning, foreign content. Pinterest is a big platform for sharing content for the majority of active channels, I have less for creating. This is another big advantage that you can take advantage of as a company and content creator. Here you have to find a balanced mix between your own content and that of others.

This is how users of the Pinterest App become aware of our channel. Again, this attention is only half the battle.

How do Pinterest users now become aware of the brand?

Various options are available for equipping pins with brand placements in such a way that users will be able to take a look at their own online portal relatively quickly. This is exactly where the advantageous aspects of search engine optimization come into play again with regard to Pinterest Marketing.

Viral photos, infographics, videos, galleries – traffic magnets

This already brings 100,000 viewers per month? Not quite yet, in the next step traffic magnets will be created, individual media contents, as a child, which are particularly gladly geliked, commented, shared and clicked. Strategically different methods can come into play here, from design to the copyright (advertising text) of the pin.

Target of interaction:

  • Likes (“Like”)
  • Comments
  • Shared contents
  • Clicks (link)

Analysis and monitoring of the contents: optimization

The next step is the analysis and monitoring, where the social media marketing manager looks at the success of the individual media or publications. From these analyses and reports, suggestions for optimization can then be derived so that the performance interest channels are even higher.

Summarized once again:

  • Target group analysis (brand/product and Pinterest)
  • Keyword analysis (competition, selection)
  • Methodology, example: Organic Keyword Marketing
  • Pinboard structure and pins
  • Brand integration (links for leads)
  • Traffic Magnets (Range)
  • Analysis and Monitoring
  • Channel optimization

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