Calendar 2018 to print: PDF monthly calendar free for team and social media planning

I was looking for a 2018 calendar to print, just download it as a PDF and you’re done. But, there was no nice solution for free. Why a printable calendar? Because I like to hang this calendar in our agency to plan days, weeks and months for everyone in the team, so everything is clearly arranged in one overview for our social media marketing. If there is nothing, we do it by ourself! So I just started InDesign to release this free monthly calendar for 2018 as one PDF download or (below) as single pages. Have fun!

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Calendar 2018 PDF: Print yourself now!

January 2018 – Free calendar for plannings

February 2018 – Note, ideas and more

March 2018 – Calendar to print

April 2018 – Month calendar printable

May 2018 – Note, ideas and more

June 2018 – Free calendar for plannings

July 2018 – Calendar to print

August 2018 – Month calendar printable

September 2018 – Note, ideas and more

October 2018 – Free calendar for plannings

November 2018 – Month calendar printable

December 2018 – Calendar to print

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    Shashank Sharma says:

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