Content Management / CMS- The Top 5 from WordPress to Typo3 and Cantao

Content management for companies (i.e. for websites and online shops) deals with all activities, processes and tools around clean data management. This is not only about texts, i.e. content, but also about the media management of graphics, videos or directories. Often companies start with little content, a homepage, some information about the company or agency, plus a portfolio of projects and products. With a little time and growth more articles, more pages, products, categories, texts and graphics are created. What distinguishes content management and makes it indispensable for companies is the orderly structure and precise description of information.

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Content Management Systems – Homepage and more

In general, the advantage of a CMS is that you can link different data together, which any user can easily edit in the back-end. You have access to all media and this decentralized, from anywhere in the world. The only thing you need is a working internet access and you can permanently change all data on your website. A content management system is not a complicated construct, with the right workshop you will learn how to use WordPress within a few hours. The system is largely comparable with the functions of classic office programs such as Word or Excel.

Let us assume you want to promote a new action on your homepage. You would like to insert a picture, a headline and some text with a link to the event page. In WordPress, you can easily insert images, insert text and edit them by simply dragging and dropping them into the system, logging in, clicking on “Edit page” and following the steps you want.

Advantages of Content Management Systems

So what exactly is the advantage of a content management system like WordPress? WordPress is a free tool, you can download it worldwide and install it on (almost) all servers of hosting providers. WordPress is not made by “one person” or a company, but by many. The famous user-generated web. It is developed by many different people who recognize their own problems, solve them and publish them. By constantly improving the system, you also have constant security updates and work on your website with the latest standards on the web.

WordPress makes it easy and uncomplicated for you to work, as a freelancer or with many with it or with even more employees. You can always access the system from different places worldwide, edit or create new pages and media. At my beginning it was often still aufwenidge to make a website, you had to know at least HTML and CSS and of course understand how to move all the scripts on a server. Most of these problems were solved by intelligent open source solutions like WordPressm for every end user. Today you can run a blog, change design and layout and of course any kind of content without advanced computer knowledge. You don’t need any advanced computer and programming skills as it was before. You also do not have high investment costs and are immediately available worldwide.

Top 5 – Overview of the best free CMS

So if you are currently thinking about your digital media, think about your content management. My recommendation is to use Content Management Systems, CMS for short. There are numerous alternatives on the internet, the most popular ones are


WordPress, the 0815 tool for everything: Your website is your business card on the web. So try to adapt the complexity of your CMS to that of your company. For many of my customers WordPress is recommended. It is the most popular CMS system worldwide and offers self-employed people, small and medium-sized businesses all possibilities of a professional online presence. The open source principles mentioned in Typo3 also apply to WordPress. Anyone can change layouts, add plugins or even program their own sub-pages. The advantage: WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, make it relatively easy to implement online shops for different industries. In my references you will find mainly online shops from the Cologne lifestyle and fashion industry.


In media agencies Typo3 CMS is considered a powerful CMS, which is free open source software like the other representatives of the Top 5 CMS list. Developers can use it to determine layouts and designs of the website themselves or add plugins, i.e. program extensions. The Typo3 Content Management System is powerful, all conceivable functions and extensions are possible. But with it also complex – this will be discussed again in WordPress part (2). Especially difficult for laymen is – in my opinion – the backend in Typo3 CMS. For editing single pages and texts it requires quite a bit of know-how. But for digital projects of medium-sized and large companies it is worth an absolute recommendation. That’s why it deserves place 1 for digital content management with Typo3.

logo-lukinski-medien-agentur-cantao-cms Cantao

I don’t use Cantao myself, but it was recommended to me as an alternative by trusted media friends from Hamburg. Similar to Typo3, WordPress, Drupal & Co. Cantao is also available for free. Cantao is slowly developing into a similarly comprehensive system as the other CMS. Cantao’s content management is simple and clearly organized. This makes it possible for less experienced users to create their own homepage. As with Typo3, however, there are also disadvantages resulting from all advantages. The administration of the contents can become cumbersome if there are too many files. But if you reduce to a minimum of files, Cantao CMS is a lean and fast system.

Content Management Systems – Conclusion

The classification and description of the top 3 systems should show you how different the application recommendations can be. For medium-sized and large companies, a more complex CMS with more variants is recommended, such as Typo3. WordPress should always be a good solution for self-employed persons, small and partly medium-sized companies – especially since an own content management by the customer is possible even without expertise. For those who want to get involved in something “new”, Cantao CMS would be a sensible, lean alternative.

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