E-commerce design agency: UI, UX and corporate design

E-commerce Design Agency – In times of increasing online commerce, a professional and successful online presence is essential. An e-commerce design agency helps companies build and maintain a strong online presence. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the services offered by an e-commerce design agency, the importance of UI and UX, and the benefits of a consistent corporate design. Also, learn why working with a specialized agency can boost your company’s success in the long run. Read on and be inspired by the possibilities that an e-commerce design agency can offer you.

E-commerce design agency: what you should know

E-commerce has become much more important in recent years. Numerous companies realize that a strong online presence is nowadays essential for the success of their own business. An e-commerce design agency helps to build a professional and successful online presence.

What does an e-commerce design agency do?

The focus of an e-commerce design agency is primarily on the creation of advertisements as well as the appropriate creatives. It works closely with the customer to understand their individual requirements and goals regarding their online presence and to develop a customized solution. This includes, in addition to general store maintenance, the development of an eye-catching corporate design, the creation of an appealing and user-friendly website, as well as the optimization of the user experience within the store in order to noticeably increase online sales.

What solutions does an e-commerce design agency offer?

An e-commerce design agency takes care of the totality of all the design aspects required to optimize the user experience and the success of the store. This includes the following services: the totality of all aspects necessary for the design and success of an online store.

  • Advertising design
  • Creatives creation
  • Development of a corporate design
  • Website design
  • User interface optimization

What do we mean by “user interface” and “user experience”?

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two terms used in connection with the design and development of software and web applications. Especially in e-commerce, these two factors are crucial for the success or failure of an online business. You can find out what these terms are all about here:

The importance of UI, UX and corporate design for your e-commerce success

User Interface (UI)

The “user interface”, or abbreviated “UI”, refers to the visual design of the user interface of a website or online store. It includes the design and arrangement of relevant elements, such as:

  • Menu / Navigation
  • Buttons
  • Text fields
  • Images

The goal is a simple & appealing design of the page, which also conveys a clear brand message. This allows the user a simple, intuitive interaction within the store.

User Experience (UX)

UX stands for “user experience” and refers to the user’s overall experience on a website. This includes, among other things:

  • Ease of use
  • Mobile friendly customizations
  • Loading times
  • Comprehensibility of the contents
  • Effectiveness with which a task can be completed

A professional e-commerce design agency first conducts a comprehensive target group analysis. Based on the information gained about the (future) users, the conception of the web application takes place as a basis for a targeted user experience.

How UI and UX can noticeably increase your revenue

An engaging user interface (UI) and positive user experience (UX) are critical to the success of an e-commerce business, as they have a direct impact on sales. This is done through the following factors:

  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Reduction of the bounce rate
  • Creation of a positive marketing identity
  • Increase search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Creation of repeat purchases

Why do I need a corporate design?

Furthermore, it is important that a brand has a consistent appearance across all platforms – both in design and communication.

The so-called corporate design is the key to building a consistent and thus recognizable brand. It involves the use of colors, fonts and graphics and should be applied consistently across platforms. A strong corporate design helps to sustainably strengthen customers’ trust in the company and increase brand awareness.

When should I hire an e-commerce design agency?

Especially when a company itself does not have sufficient experience in building a professional and successful online presence, a specialized e-commerce design agency should be consulted. Hiring an experienced agency is also recommended in the following situations:

  • Creation of a new online store
  • Redesign of an existing online store
  • Creation of advertisements
  • Low conversion rate
  • Internationalization

Conclusion: Working with an e-commerce design agency sustainably increases conversions and sales

A specialized e-commerce design agency will help you build a consistent and successful online presence. An agency develops customized e-commerce design solutions, which are tailored to the individual needs of the users. With the help of targeted UI and UX strategies, the user interface & user experience is also visibly improved. The application of a uniform corporate design across all platforms additionally ensures a strong recognition value and strengthens customers’ trust in the brand in the long term. Together, these measures bring about a noticeable increase in conversion rates and sales.

Topic This is important
UI and UX UI and UX are critical to the success of an e-commerce business, as they have a direct impact on sales.
Corporate Design A consistent corporate design across all platforms strengthens customers’ trust in the company and increases brand awareness.
Meaning of e-commerce agency A specialized e-commerce design agency helps in developing customized e-commerce solutions and increases the success of the business.
User experience A targeted user experience through UI and UX improves the user interface and leads to higher conversions and sales.
Cooperation with agency Working with an e-commerce design agency increases the success of online presences and is especially recommended in special situations.