WordPress + WooCommerce = Your own online shop

With the free WooCommerce Online Shop Plugin for WordPress, you can create your online shop in the shortest possible time with the appropriate agency help. The plugin is the crucial part for the “Online Shop” functions in the content management system WordPress. WooCommerce is, just like WordPress, available as a free download. With the powerful combination of WooCommerce and WordPress you can easily create your own professional online shop with your own merchandise management system. A WooCommerce shop also allows you to easily create invoices, optimize your stock, create vouchers and coupons or even give discounts on individual products. WooCommerce can also be expanded with practical features such as subscriber systems, so that payments are made regularly and automatically.

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WooCommerce, Agency tips

Have you ever heard of WooCommerce (plugin)? We as an agency can always recommend this wonderful plugin for WordPress to you. With WooCommerce you can make your online shop on a professional basis in no time. If you are wondering what makes WooCommerce different from other content management systems like Magento or Shopware, the question is easy to answer with the statement: Reduction of complexity. On the one hand, through the intelligent linking of WordPress and WooCommerce, you as an agency or company have the possibility to continue working in existing WordPress systems and expand them with an online shop. On the other hand, with a WooCommerce agency you have the opportunity to quickly and smartly achieve the perfect media presence.

WordPress online shop

Creating your own online shop with the content management system WordPress is not a difficult task in theory. What you have to pay attention to is the basic configuration to create a functional WordPress system for the online shop. In the following you install a plugin, which enables you to load products into your content management system quickly and easily. Through the years of work of many developers, many online shop possibilities have been created for the WordPress system, the most popular is probably the plugin Woocommerce. The online shop plugin allows you to build, manage and market an extensive online trade. Through the many flexible options of the CMS WordPress you always have the overview and can add many new functions and features if required. So you can manage your company website and your online shop with one system and one tool. You can specialize your employees and save a lot of time in the practical work. My recommendation for small companies and projects: Build your online shop with WordPress + Woocommerce.

Easy product management

In WooCommerce shops, you can manage your entire product management as well as control the stockkeeping. You have flexible possibilities to show and hide products, you can define different categorizations for your individual goods and products and even have an additional tool: You can offer digital products for download. These are then processed via payment providers such as Paypal or Klarna for credit card payment and voila. As an agency for WooCommerce online shops, we therefore also offer all-day workshops for your employees to familiarise them with the system.

Extensions and free plugins

With numerous extension possibilities and plugins you can constantly expand, optimize and improve the Woocommerce + WordPress Online Shop as described. Most of these features are free of charge and can be easily installed by media managers or an agency of your choice. In addition, there are further, very powerful plug-ins, which increase your reach and turnover enormously. You can’t go wrong with an online shop based on WordPress.

Magento or WooCommerce?

But important (!) plan your shop with an experienced agency. This later in the later workflow valuable hours and weeks of work. In addition, you will achieve fast top rankings in Google through sensible online shop SEO onpage measures. You also increase your potential through keyword analysis and link building. Insofar as your shop exceeds a certain level, you should also consider more comprehensive solutions such as Magento. There are also the right Magento Online Shop contact persons.

As easy as it sounds to use content management systems like WordPress, the linking of different bases is complicated. You work here in a complicated system that consists of various links, we use HTML, CSS, PHP, Java and SQL. In addition, there are special template properties, i.e. custom code snippets developed in your design. Therefore it is recommended to hire a media manager for success conscious enterprises and projects, who will set up an intelligent and smart WordPress online shop system, which allows fast results through many automations! Furthermore, you allow your employees an easy introduction to the shop system and you yourself an overview of your online shop project.

Questions about WordPress & Woocommerce Online Shop

If you are currently planning a new online shop, preparing a relaunch or looking for a shop with smart SEO onpage solutions, we are always looking forward to your call. We have proven in numerous projects how versatile, fast and efficient we create e-commerce systems according to customer requirements. Our references range from food online shops to jewelry and jeweler e-commerce retouch and shop systems. In questions of lifestyle products, fashion and style in corporate design, you can always rely on media systems from Lukinski.