DigiMember 3.0: Subscriber System for WordPress – Software Tip

Subscriber system and passive income. The WordPress solution to fully automate the sale of your memberships and subscriptions! To have customers in subscription (daily, weekly, monthly or on individual order) is the big goal for many in online marketing. Because through subscribers number can be generated suitable income, everyone dreams of it.

WordPress Software for Subscribers

New customer acquisition? That was then. This is about existing customers. Good free plugins are not available from vendors. Subscriber payments as a free WordPress plugin (subscription management software) is too complex, accordingly you have to test and compare paid software. Of course, it is totally understandable that most of them first look for free subscription management software. Whether it’s desktop software or software with a handy app extension, subscription management makes life in e-commerce immensely easier.

But since the profit from subscriber payments is so profitable, it’s worth investing in a good (reliable and secure) system: Luckily, the plugin doesn’t have to be expensive at all! Here is our recommendation for subscriber payments on WordPress:

Recurring payments in the subscription model

Recurring payments in the subscription model: This is how billing and management work. The payment methods are extremely diverse. For example, support your online store by paying with credit cards, digital payment or other global payment methods. These can be easily activated from the dashboard. Payment providers galore:

  • Bancontact
  • Giropay
  • SEPA Direct Debit

Features of DigiMember 3.0

  • Sale of memberships and subscriptions
  • Sequential activation of the contents
  • Exams & Certificates for Members
  • Teaser function
  • Auto Tagging with Klick-Tipp
  • Addressing your members personally

Subscription management step by step – Video

Create & set up member area + experiences

Now we’re ready to go!