Satellite Project (SEO): Increase reach through backlinks in your own network

Satellite Project – Tip! Have you ever heard of a “satellite project”? In online marketing, a satellite project is a second website, a second blog or a second social media account that generates additional reach.

Satellite projects for search engine optimization: How does it work?

Here’s a little best practice of mine, to support my modeling agencies worldwide, we have founded an online fashion magazine in six languages. On my model agency page I can of course not report so extensively on topics and names, after all, we work with very high-priced and exclusive customers. So when client A reads the headline “Client B: New collection in the shop” or relatively flat topics like “The five vitamins to lose weight”, “The three best diets”, “That’s why the food industry doesn’t want you to lose weight” – all topics that don’t fit to a high fashion model agency.

Topic shift

But perfect for a fashion magazine: fashion, trends and nutrition! At the same time, of course, the fashion magazine also writes about fashion shows, supermodels and advertising. These are again perfect backlink sources (links that positively influence search engine optimization) for my model agencies. So the pages complement each other and form a network. Visitors wander between the pages. The fashion magazine is a satellite traffic (visitor) source for the model agencies.

Think Big! More than just a project

This shows you that even as an established company you are constantly looking for new and better concepts. My path led me from felt 100 pizza flyers and 400 logos, away from my advertising agency and brand building for customers to brand building for my own brands, from employees for our brands to flexible personnel structures, from freelance models, influencers and speakers to current investments in passive revenue sources. This includes not only software, but also rights of use, in the media area and model management as well as brand new, music management. Even better than recurring subscription customers are passive sources of income, such as rights of use. Rights of use do not require any acquisition of new customers or marketing campaigns to hold. Continuous further development. A long, rarely predictable, daily exciting away.

That’s why the motto always applies: ideally, you feel like a little boy or a little girl on the football pitch and enjoy what you are doing without a concrete goal, the path is the goal. You want to win, that’s important! Always be open to improving your own business models. Optimization and further development is the core of successful companies.

Digital development and cross-media for entrepreneurs

A business model is never really complete. Times change, people change and so do their needs and desires. The car is no longer what it was in 1920. Smartphones are no longer those that were in 2010. TikTok is no longer what it was just a year ago. You too will always have to keep your finger on the pulse. As you can see, automation also plays a central role. Which business processes can be automated at all? As you can see from the best practice above, there are numerous possibilities to exclude logistics, e.g. through Amazon FBA, software products or agency services of distribution. Orders can be automated, e.g. by uniform price models and digital payment systems like WordPress in connection with WooCommerce, completely free of charge. Distribution can also be completely outsourced, as can music usage rights, from old control models such as GEMA to modern distribution via RecordJet. The own work focuses only on the production, everything else behind it is done by someone else. The daily income from the various music portals such as Spotify, iTunes or Deezer can then be easily viewed online as a manager, updated daily.

The better the business processes, the more satisfied the customers are. That’s why it’s important for me to emphasize for the topic “keeping customers” that especially a fluent service, punctual fees, punctual transfers, typical German virtues, if you like, contribute a lot to building up satisfied regular customers. Ultimately, this is especially true of customer service over a long period of time.