30.000 visitors per month for free! Best Practice Influencer Fee – Small Software, Big SEO

Influencer fee is read in English, “fee” stands for fee (payment). Practically, however, it also reads very well in German, as “fee”… Influencer Fee is a website where anyone can calculate Instagram prices for sponsored postings for free.

What can the software do? Free evaluation of Influencern

With our price calculator, we give agencies, brands and companies, but also the influencers themselves the opportunity to calculate their prices for individual sponsored postings well-founded. All they have to do is enter the name of the influencer. The rest of the calculation is done by the algorithm, based on the media data from the latest 15 postings. At the end you get an immediate and free price evaluation, which is fair for both sides. With the price, Influencer Fee shows the most important statistics on the engagement rate and number of impressions per posting.

The principle is very simple. Agencies do a lot of the work, because otherwise they have to sight every single person by hand. Every week the last 10 to 15 postings are analysed, all data is entered manually and then calculated. The comparison takes a lot of time. At Influencer Fee all this is done with one click. The price and the statistics can then be printed out and, for example, taken directly to the price negotiations. The algorithm is programmed so that the prices are fair for both sides. A solid negotiation basis and 100% free.

Where is the business model?

The free calculation brings us a lot of traffic. For many important keywords we are international number 1 / 2 in the search engines like “Influencer Calculator” or “Instagram Calculator”. Agencies, blogs and magazines can buy the price calculator as HTML embedding for their own website. The advantage: Visitors through SEO option and retention time of visitors as well as interaction (clicks) with the website. All important criteria. If, for example, you want to enable your Spanish customers in Spain to calculate prices or the readers of a large fashion magazine from Great Britain, you can buy the embed code for only 9.99 dollars a month. The amount is then automatically debited from the account every month. The customer gets a price calculator for his own website, which can be integrated into articles dealing with social media marketing, influencer marketing or influencers themselves. The readers can calculate now independently the prices of their favourite Influencer.

  • Advantage 1 – We “determine” the price worldwide
  • Advantage 2 – Excellent backlink source for our social media agency (30,000 unique visits / month; One Pager English), keyword: win customers
  • Advantage 3 – Monthly, passive income
  • Advantage 4 – network expansion worldwide
  • Advantage 5 – press references (including Rolling Stones [USA], El País [Spain], RTL [Germany] and Daily Mail [UK])

From Waste Product to Cash Cow

What I like most about this project is the story behind it, it was actually a “waste product”. Much bigger was our software “Social Analytics”. We were pioneers for instagrams and monitoring. Of course, as you are used to in Germany, completely without investment and help, because this is all “new territory”. Nevertheless, we competed with US Americans and a Russian team.

Then came the Big Bang. Unfortunately, a month after the release of the big Cambridge Analytica scandal in the USA, the Big Bang came up. Due to the influence of the US presidential election, the topic of “influencing opinion in the social media” was so high that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg even had to testify in person before the US Senate. As a result, many changes were made to Facebook. Essential updates came in the next 48 hours. In the end, we only had a few hours to think and had to stop the service immediately, as did the Americans and Russians (competing products). Because Instagram belongs to Facebook, we lived on Instagram profile data. A sad moment for founders after investing half a year and a lot of money in the monitoring software. Nevertheless, you should always see the glass half full! We don’t have any social monitoring software anymore but a great story.

“Influencer Fee” was only one feature of the “Social Analytics” software, a small extra product besides the big (also expensive) monitoring software. Mini-monitoring for everyone. This is how one of the price calculators for Instagram came into being, which today brings us 30,000 free visitors a month through search engine clicks.