Influencer Pricing: How much is my Instagram account worth?

Influencer Pricing – The bigger your blog gets, the more requests you get from agencies but also companies and different brands. Whether it’s about fashion and travel or fitness products, the value of a single post is for many, especially at the beginning of the career, not so easy to calculate yourself. Especially as each query is completely individual. More about our tools and also individual development for advertising agencies and brands?

Your perfect sales argument

Forever writing offers at night? Those days are over! With our new software, you can now easily calculate the value of your own postings! You can even compare different posting quantities (Timeline, Story and Live) with the next function update. This saves you so much time! You can directly offer complete packages to your customers! Well-founded with the daily updated numbers of your channels. You no longer have to rely on a gut feeling. Our data always gives you an accurate, well-founded statistical result that you can use in any negotiations or offers.

Our software has several features that will make your life easier and save you a lot of time. So much time that you can concentrate on your actual work, blogging. An intelligent algorithm works for you, which is constantly updated based on new data from around the world and thus always has the most current values for you, regardless of whether you are running a campaign in Germany, in DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) or in all of Europe. As a blogger, you always have all the statistics and evaluations at your fingertips! Not only smart, but also beautifully presented.

Graphical evaluation and appealing design

The various engagement rates, but also the comments per week or in the last 14 days, as well as the likes and many other relevant values, we output as a graphically and visually appealing evaluation. With an eye for design and minimalist style, so the look always suits you. All for free!

Tip! Calculate here for free: Instagram price

At you get all the data directly in detailed statistics and graphics that prove what reach you have yourself and what people you can attract! The selling point for customers and advertising agencies. With our software you can achieve a lot even without an agency. In our calculation we take care of the most important data you need for negotiations and offers with clients and agencies. Through our years of experience we have collected the most important values from different countries and best practices. That’s not all by any means! Check out for bloggers: We give you a preview of the current costs as well as exciting numbers and information for your client that he or she would never have expected. You can easily share your offers via screenshot.

Influencer Marketing: How the business with bloggers works

Have you always thought about doing influencer marketing yourself? With software tools like Social Analytics, you can organize influencer marketing on Instagram, from search and management to campaign planning and subsequent monitoring. In our free two-hour online course, we explain blogger and influencer marketing from A-Z.