Influencer Marketing on Instagram for Cosmetics / Make Up Studios – Interview

Instagram is the perfect site for influencers. With a wide variety of themes, you can attract your followers. Whether clothing, nutrition or cosmetics, influencers like to advertise for every industry. Cosmetics institutes in particular can use this opportunity to reach customers or expand their own followers. We have an exclusive interview for you with our expert for influencer marketing in the field of cosmetics and make-up.

Cosmetics, Make-Up and Influencer Marketing – Why it works

Question: Why is it important that cosmetic institutes rely on influencers, especially macro and nano influencers?

Many initially shy away when they hear terms like Social Media Marketing, Blogger Relations, Micro or Nano Influencer. The principle is very simple and everyone knows it!

The more flyers you distribute, the more people know about our cosmetic institute. Who then still supplies a convincing service with the customer, wins new regular customers and thus also humans, who pronounce a recommendation opposite friends or work colleagues.

They also use the same principle of reach and recommendation in social media marketing.

On Instagram and other social networks, there are many people who match your audience. For example, if you usually have 25 to 45 year old women as customers, you can find bloggers on Instagram who reach a larger number of people. For example, 1,000 to 10,000 people and are of the appropriate age. If these 1,000 people (or followers) also come from the immediate vicinity, all the better.

This is exactly why it is worthwhile to rely on smaller influencers, as their reach often still consists of regional relationships, e.g. friends and friends. Large influencers with channels for 100,000 people spread the reach throughout Germany and worldwide. Such influencers are only worthwhile for a supraregional Make Up Artist Agency. You need a local connection to your city or district.

So let’s get back to our micro or nano influencer. You could, for example, invite ten different influencers from your area to Instagram for a free make-up session or a consultation. In return, the blogger talks about you and your business in his Instagram Stories or makes a posting.

In the Instagram Stories bloggers take their fans into everyday life. From small videos for breakfast to the trip to the gym and lunch… Here one can talk perfectly about the day, e.g. that one is already looking forward to the visit in the studio. The next day, your influencer makes a video live from the consultation appointment or shows in photos, the before / after result.

The fans will have a look at the stories and postings and will also take notice of the recommendation. If you do such actions several times in a row, you can gain more reach and thus potential customers.

Budget and costs for your cosmetics business

Question: What is the budget like? How much should a beautician plan?

As far as nano and micro influencers are concerned and the terms are not exactly defined, cosmeticians do not need to plan a large budget. Time and commitment are important, also in the cover letter and in making contact.

Why do people want to work with this one influencer and what are the advantages of the influencer? Is there a free type consultation? Is there a free makeup? Is there perhaps a second free make-up if the influencer needs it e.g. for an event? Large budgets are not paid in this area, but rather a win-win situation for both sides.

Objectives for Your Influencer Marketing

Question: What results can the cosmetician expect from different influencers?

As with all marketing measures, the aim is always to test methods. The one will perhaps find a very good influencer, with great regional reference, through a girlfriend who delivers an excellent result. The other may first have to deal with two or three less effective influencers. At the end of the test action, e.g. with five to ten influencers, you can draw your own conclusions, who worked well, who was uncomplicated, who posted a lot?

Question: How is the cooperation with the influencers going? Do you have any tips?

Remember to create an added value as a package, e.g. with the second free make-up, for a date of your choice. So you have a posting or several stories from the first appointment that are positive for you. At a second, private appointment, he gets Influencer a make-up for an event, the second special for the Influencer. All in all you have a great and comprehensive package.

Budget you only need for your time and material. If you still want to pay something, you can calculate the prices with tools like this Instagram price calculator.

As a special goodie you can put a special product on top that you as a private person might not buy, e.g. because it is a little more expensive than the usual, common products. This gives you a great overall package for your first cooperation with which you can convince the first influencers of yourself.

Invite the influencer to your store and remember that the influencer may report about the visit in a story the day before. After that there is a story in the shop and a story with the results. Ideally a posting, with a satisfied customer!

Finding and contacting influencers

Question: How do I find influencers and how do I know who one is?

My recommendation is to ask friends or acquaintances in your area whether you know influencers from your own city. Request Influencer, with a size of 5,000 to 50,000 fans.

In addition: Use Hashtags for your search, use the #Düsseldorf for smaller cities, scroll through the results and click on the profiles of people you like. If these people have 5,000 fans, they’re ideal.

For larger make-up artist studios with multiple locations, social media software such as Social Analytics is recommended for Instagram. Here you can filter influencers directly to Stetten.

If you like a person very much, 1,000 people may be enough. If these 1,000 people ultimately produce ten who make an appointment with you based on the positive recommendation of the influencer, you have already generated your added value!

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