Virtual Avatars: “Artificial Humans” / VR in Advertising and Campaigns – Interview on OMR

Very few of our customers know that we have been quietly working on a new project for months, now even more than a year: Virtual Avatars! Virtual avatars? If you still have no idea what digital avatars are, in the new interview on Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR), you can now find the answers to many questions about virtual reality, the changes it brings to the media industry but also other areas of business and industry, from our agency owner Stephan Czaja. Read the interview now on Online Marketing Rockstars.

Media, social networks, virtual reality

The development of social networks has now come a long way, from the first attempts, such as MySpace to Facebook, today’s giant among social networks, next to Google (Alphabet) with Youtube. Then, since Instagram, there has been a completely new phenomenon, influencers. People who build presence (reach) and fans (followers) in digital spaces. What will be the next steps, where is the journey going?

Digitization is an ever-growing buzzword. Whether it’s journalistic texts written by tools with “artificial intelligence” or even people who have been artificially created and yet embody real, authentic content. A broad spectrum.

Advantages: CO2, risk on set, post production & co.

When it comes to innovations, the question is always: What is the advantage?

Reduce CO2 emissions: Positive PR / Brand Image

Especially in times of climate debate, such a VR production saves tons of CO2. Because, for such photo and video productions, with digital people, no one has to fly anymore. Already knew?

Here is an example of the CO2 balance:

  • From: Berlin (DE), BER
  • To: Cape Town (ZA), CPT
  • Round trip, economy class
  • Approx. 19,200 km, 1 traveller

How much do you estimate? 100 kg, 200 kg, 500 kg?

CO2 amount: 3.2 t

For a team of 10, directly 32 tons of CO2 emissions, for a photo or video production, just for the flights.

Large productions for e-commerce

Another advantage: mass production of photos and videos. Because, at the same time, thousands of garments can be produced in a very short time. Not every single piece has to be sent, prepared, ironed, dressed, photographed, undressed, …. Another advantage is the extremely flexible post-processing, which is otherwise not possible. Camera angles can be changed afterwards, not, but are also emotions, facial expressions and gestures. Completely new freedom, through digital avatars.

Storytelling makes them human: work behind the avatar

Through photos and stories on Instagram, these avatars come to life, so to speak. The better the storytelling behind them, the more real people want to know more about these digital avatars. You can see how well this works on channels like Lil’ Miquela or Noonoouri.

Read more, in the interview on OMR! Online Marketing Rockstars talks to the two teams from Germany that are competing with the US Creatorn in the interview. Among them are us and Noonoouri, who already has more than a million followers! Great work, great success from the Creators.

Virtual Influencer: List

If you want to meet more of these virtual avatars, influencers, then you can find a detailed list here, with the individual profiles and links to each channel: