Noonoouri: virtual influencer, digital model and international Instagram star

Noonoouri – The virtual influencer with the big doll eyes and facial features that seem to be out of this world is very quickly recognizable as an animation. This in particular makes her stand out in the ever-growing market of virtual influencers. Since 2018, Noonoouri has not only been independently featured on Instagram and YouTube, but has also been seen at fashion shows and in ad campaigns for brands like Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. Her international success is unparalleled and is a clear sign of the rise of more and more digital influencers and virtual models and their in-demand nature. What makes the unreal person so fascinating and what Noonoouri has actually already achieved, you can find out here with us!

Who is Noonoouri? Virtual Influencer on YouTube and Instagram

The computer-animated model Noonoouri fascinates people all over the world. The young woman was born in 2000 and presents herself both in everyday situations, but especially in campaigns of big brands and fashion houses. At first glance, the posing and surroundings are so realistic that it gives the impression that she is a real person. Only at second glance it becomes clear that this is an animation and Noonoouri makes no secret of it.

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Noonoouri in profile: age, height, interests and IMG model agency

Noonoouri arouses interest in an unusual way. In contrast to other virtual influencers, it quickly becomes clear that Noonoouri is not a model made of flesh and blood, but an animated avatar. Nevertheless, one becomes curious: What makes the fascination around virtual personalities and especially: how is such a new topic like virtual influencers dealt with?

When it comes to modeling, for example, Noonoouri has a lot in common with human models. She too is represented by a modeling agency, even one of the absolute top class: IMG. Still, Noonoouri and her creator haven’t always had it easy. When they started looking for investors, Joerg Zuber was met mostly with skepticism. Nevertheless, they took the bold step towards becoming AI influencers. And so the creative agency Opium Effects became one of the pioneers in the field of virtual influencing.

To make it easier to get an idea of the person Noonoouri represents, here are a few facts about the young girl:

  • Birthday: September 23, 2000
  • Residence: Paris
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Vegan
  • Advertising and Runway Model
  • Fashion enthusiast

Collaborations & Jobs: Making the Cut, Dior, Vogue, KKW Beauty and moreNoonoouri.

Making the Cut with Heidi Klum & Chiara Ferragni: Casting shows with virtual models?Animated model on the cover of Vogue China

“The future is now,” was the headline of Vogue China’s February 2019 issue. What does this mean for the prestigious magazine? Virtual stars are no longer just a futuristic illusion, but a reality. Not only can virtual stars interact in their own world, but thanks to post-production, they can also interact with very real celebrities. The result of such a cooperation can be seen, for example, in Vogue’s campaign with singer, dancer and actor Jackson Yee from Chinese Vogue.

Instagram: Noonoouri’s Brand Deals and Activism

On Instagram, Noonoouri, like most influencers, offers exclusive insights into her daily life. Not only does she present herself in bed before getting up and promote the latest products, Noonoouri also draws attention to problems such as forced marriages of children and the suffering of animals and humans.

Some of the brands Noonoouri represents on their profile include:

  • Supreme
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Dior
  • Skims
  • Thierry Mugler
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Hugo Boss
  • Miu Miu
  • Viktor and Rolf
  • And many more…

Noonoouri on YouTube: Dior, KKW Beauty and Fashion Week

You can also find Noonoouri on YouTube. On her personal channel Noonoouri YouTube she shows from time to time insights into the Fashion Week, but also brand deals, such as with KKW Beauty. Here you get insights into the work of the model and see artificial films that put her perfectly in the scene.

This also shows the possibilities that arise through and with virtual influencers. Because both real and fictional environments can be walked on by CGI persons. This creates a creative freedom that previously had other limits. Although real models can also be used in computer-animated environments, the use of a virtual influencer is much more cost-efficient here.

Fashion Awards: 7 stylists for Noonoouri

Backstage at the 2018 Fashion Awards, Noonoouri was also out and about, proudly showing off a dress studded with Swarovski crystals to her followers. The model’s creator revealed to Vogue that a whole seven people are now responsible for the AI’s styling, hair makeup and animation. All to show people a new perspective.

Noonoouri with human stars like Kim Kardashian & Lewis HamiltonMarina Ruy Barbosa x Noonoouri: Together for sustainable fashion

The actress Marina Ruy Barbosa has already received multiple awards for her work, especially in the Portuguese-speaking world. For this reason, the Brazilian enjoys great popularity on Instagram. To promote the launch of her shop for sustainable clothing, the pretty actress has teamed up with Noonoouri. The proceeds of the shop will go to the organization Casa do Rio.

Kim Kardashian West x Noonoouri

Noonoouri and Kim Kardashian have been working together for many years. Back in 2018, Noonoouri represented KKW Beauty products and promoted them on her YouTube channel. The reactions were mixed, especially since virtual influencers were just catching wind at the time and are always met with skepticism. Nevertheless, Noonoouri still likes to present herself alongside the Instagram superstar.

Lewis Hamilton x Noonoouri: Together for Hilfiger in front of the lens

Together with the fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger, Lewis Hamilton has launched a collection of stylish sportswear. To mix this among the people was networked with various models and Internet stars. Among others also Noonoouri, who always gives everything despite her 1.50 m height.

Virtual Influencers like Noonoouri: Producer, Image and Artificial Intelligence

Virtual influencers are the latest trend in the fashion business and also in the social media industry. But what are digital personalities all about? Where do they come from, how are they created and who actually brings these characters to life again and again? We’ll let you dive into the making of Noonoouri here and introduce you to their creator. You’ll also learn what makes virtual models and characters so special and what makes CGI and animation so special.

Man or Robot: What makes CGI stand out?

By now, the world of CGI models is a lot bigger than it was a few years ago. So how does Noonoouri stand out from other avatars? Noonoouri is three-dimensional, but she doesn’t play around the ‘Uncanny Valley’. The young model is too far removed from human proportions to be mistaken for a real person.

However, with her rather unrealistic facial features, she stands out. Many virtual influencers aim to look like a real person. Noonoouri stands out from the crowd because, on closer inspection, she is clearly CGI and more reminiscent of comics and manga like Bratz.

Creator behind the machine: Joerg Zuber

Joerg Zuber is a graphic designer from Munich and is behind the anime-inspired influencer. At the end of 2017, he started to translate his years-long vision into reality. Already at a young age he was fascinated by the fashion industry and the polished world as presented in fashion magazines.

This fascination gave rise to the idea for an animation that fuses virtuality and reality. Zuber decided to go the way of surreality instead of a photorealistic animation. This circumstance leads to a further blurring of the boundaries between virtuality and reality and also raises the question of when virtuality begins at all, when even real models are retouched with the help of computer technology and more and more possibilities for photo and video manipulation emerge. Human and virtual models are therefore at two different ends of the spectrum.

Interview with Joerg Zuber: Video

The creator of the character Noonoouri has very specific goals and themes in mind, which he would like to convey with Noonoouri to a wider audience. Noonoouri should not only fascinate, but above all open people’s eyes to social problems. The model is not only an animation, she is a personality. For example, Noonoouri eats a vegan diet, supports the BLM movement and wants to give a voice to those who are rarely lent an ear.

Advertising campaigns and videos with virtual influencers

We’ve compiled a small selection of the model’s various brand deals here to bring out the virtuality of the virtual that Noonoouri decodes. Whether in Paris, in space or in battle with a T-Rex: the avatar simply always looks dazzling.

Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk with Noonoouri: Video

In front of the Eiffel Tower in her hometown of Paris, Noonoouri walks the virtual catwalk in crystal-studded Saint Laurent boots and a matching dress. It’s a job many can only dream of, and one that comes true in the predominantly computer-animated world of Noonoouri.

Dior Make-Up: worn by Noonoouri, Video

Dior Make-up has also recognized the potential of virtual influencers and booked Noonoouri for the Dior Rouge lipstick campaign. Playful with a touch of sexiness, the model presents the soft red lip color.

Gucci: Noonoouri in world famous designer fashion

Especially in the video for Gucci, Noonoouri shows the possibilities that open up with virtual influencers. Beaming from a spaceship into the jungle and fighting a dinosaur with a Gucci handbag without even breaking a fingernail or ruining the outfit: Noonoouri makes the impossible possible.