VR, VR, VR! RTL feature “virtual influencers” with Stephan Czaja (owner) – now on TV

The world is changing! This RTL feature shows how the world has changed in 2021 in the field of virtual influencers. Previously, there was a great role model from the USA, Lil Miquela. Created in 2016, the avatar today already has over 3 million Instagram subscribers. Her big jump in fame, came from a virtual kiss, with a real person, Bella Hadid. Since then, a lot has happened and a lot has changed. Virtual avatars are also being created in Germany, for example in Hamburg and Cologne. After the OMR interview, Stephan Czaja (co-owner) is interviewed by RTL.

RTL Interview with Stephan Czaja: Virtual Avatars

The article features two German avatar creators, CM Models from Cologne / Berlin with Ella and Zoe, and Noonoouri from Hamburg.

Today on GMD (Frühstücksfernsehn), on Mittagsjournal and on RTL Explosiv at 18:00.

Now stream again in the RTL Mediathek:

Excerpts (Screenshot rtl.de)

Virtual Avatar Ella.

Spectators puzzle: Real or not? Example fashion show (MarcCain).

Virtual Avatar Zoe.

Social Media One owner Stephan M. Czaja (also CM Models VR).

Virtual Kiss: Miquela x Bella Hadid

OMR Interview with Stephan Czaja

Now with Online Marketing Rockstars! Very few of our customers know that we have been quietly working on a new project for months, now even more than a year: Virtual Avatars! Virtual Avatars?

If you still have no idea what digital avatars are, in the new interview on Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR), you can now find the answers to many questions about virtual reality, the changes it brings to the media industry but also other areas of business and industry, from our agency owner Stephan Czaja.

Read now, the interview: