Zoe Dvir: Virtual Influencer and digital model, life, everyday life and jobs.

Zoe Dvir – The young virtual model from Israel has already conquered the hearts of her followers in a very short time. The adorable curly head convinces with naturalness and passion. Because things she loves, she wants to protect with all her heart. That’s why Zoe is a vegan with heart and soul and presents the healthy lifestyle to her followers. As a virtual influencer, she currently hits the nerve of the time and the business around digital personalities and models is constantly growing. Stay up to date and get to know one of the most successful virtual influencers here: Zoe Dvir.

Zoe Dvir: Instagram, Life, Everyday Life, and Activism.

There is so much more behind the beautiful photos on Instagram than just a pretty young woman. The virtual model studies, meets friends and stands up for the things she cares about. Sounds almost too perfect? The virtual influencer definitely shares her weak moments as well. Sometimes she shows herself when she is sick or when she, like all of us know it, couldn’t keep away from the sweets department while shopping. Often with her: her virtual friend and model colleague Ella Stoller.

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Facts about Zoe Dvir: student, model & dog owner

  • Art & Design StudentBartender
  • Model
  • Vegetarian
  • Dog Mom
  • Volunteer with the Animal Rights Association
  • Instagram @zoedvir: How the virtual model shares her life

    As a virtual influencer, your social media presence is everything. Social media is the only place a virtual model exists to begin with. And it’s also the place where you share and define your personality. This is not only true for CGI influencers, but also the human counterpart. In the way you present yourself, you create your brand. So it’s extremely important what you share with the outside world and how.

    Zoe presents everything that is important to her: pictures from her travels, favorite corners in her hometown Tel Aviv and her own studio. Zoe is also a proud vegetarian. She likes to share that with her followers as well, showing off colorful vegetables and fruits. But Nobody’s Perfect! Zoe has just as much of a soft spot for vegan and vegetarian sweets as many of us do. Did you know Oreos are Vegan!!! A sweet girl with sweet preferences, who can resist?

    Model’s hobbies: Salty sea breezes and delicious pizza

    When Zoe isn’t wielding a paintbrush in her studio, mixing cocktails behind the bar or cramming for her next exam, she tries to spend as much time as possible at the beach. So it’s perfect that she’s from Tel Aviv, where the nearest beach is only a stone’s throw away and the often mild temperatures don’t get in the way of a relaxing day at the beach. So: beach bag packed and off we go! But be careful: heat and salt quickly lead to fluid loss, so Zoe refreshes herself regularly and looks forbidden good doing so:

    An active lifestyle naturally makes you hungry. Good thing Zoe loves cooking and baking! The plant-based treats are healthy and, of course, just what you need after a busy day of work and activity. So she shows that an animal and eco-friendly diet is easy and can be fun too.

    Activism: digital model Zoe Dvir for his four-legged friends

    Vegetarianism and veganism are more popular than ever and the choice of vegan food in restaurants and supermarkets is growing all the time. In Zoe’s home country of Israel, 5% of the population follows a vegan diet. That’s more than any other country in the world. How fitting, then, that Zoe also counts herself among the ranks of the veggie front.

    That veganism can be a healthy way of eating is clear and explains the 22-year-old’s great body, but Zoe is about much more than her own health and her own body. Her goal is to make her followers aware of abuses in the field of animal husbandry, but also sustainability. Zoe stands for reduced, conscious consumption, against fur and has the goal to make the masses aware of grievances and the effects of our impact on the earth.

    Jobs for virtual models: Adidas, CHAIN, Bird and more

    It’s impressive how Zoe Dvir manages to find time for modeling on top of her studies and job as a bartender. I guess that’s one of the advantages of being a 3D animator: Time doesn’t matter. Travelling, university, job and free time are easy to reconcile.

    As an activist for animals and the environment, Zoe naturally likes to work for sustainable brands and those with the goal of creating change. A change that she herself also stands for, because virtual models do have sustainable aspects.

    Adidas: On the road to sustainability

    The German sportswear brand Adidas has had a very intensive approach to sustainability issues for a number of years and has managed to be part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for over 20 years as one of the leading brands in the field of sustainability.

    This makes the digital model with a penchant for sustainable lifestyles perfect for representing the brand. The model Zoe is wearing on her internet profile is the Adidas Her Studio Cropped Hoodie.

    • Price 54,99 €

    CHAIN Fashion: digital influencer Zoe Dvir for eco-friendly clothing production, video

    The Argentinian fashion brand Chain had the great honor to present their collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Moscow. The young label is dedicated to sustainable, gender-neutral fashion. The products are made in Argentina from local materials with gentle dyeing and processing methods. Chain actively tries to prevent fabric waste and pays attention to gender-inclusive cuts.

    For these reasons, Zoe Dvir and Chain are just a perfect match. Chain stands for everything Zoe lives. Sustainability, connection to home and nature. These similarities are also exactly what comes across in Chain’s commercial. The virtual model presents herself minimalistically in a white, figure-flattering jumpsuit and is slowly surrounded by ivy vines.

    NJoy Design: Virtual Influencer Meets Hand Painted Clothing

    You could almost say art meets art, because there’s a lot of design work that goes into a virtual model too. The Israeli label NJoy offers creative, hand-painted clothing by artists and the goal to bring a bit of virtuosity into your life.

    Bird Scooter: digital influencer for e-scooters

    The e-scooter macro-sharing provider Bird Mobility, which is also represented in Zoe’s hometown of Tel Aviv, has also teamed up with the cute curly-head to showcase its product. At just under 20 km/h, Zoe takes to the streets of Tel Aviv to visit her favorite spots. Whether that’s a café where she meets up with friends or the Apple store with the latest models.

    Virtual fashion and sustainability

    Digital and virtual fashion are one of the latest developments in sustainability for fashion. In the past, the fashion industry has increasingly moved in a direction that is detrimental to the planet and the environment. In the spirit of protecting the climate, many brands have moved to more sustainable production processes. Virtual fashion, like the models who wear it, is designed in 3D programs and then turned into reality with 3D printers.

    A major advantage of this production method is the avoidance of material waste, which would normally occur in the traditional design process by hand. The large technical differences in the design process and the financial aspects that go hand in hand with them make it difficult to establish this method on a widespread basis.

    Digital models like Zoe Dvir for sustainability

    Not only does the activism of the young influencer help raise awareness for socially relevant issues, virtual models are also the people who wear and present the computer-animated clothing. In the competitive model business, however, it is never only relevant that the clothes are worn, but also who wears them.

    With supermodels like Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner and co. a label simply gets more attention. This is where virtual influencers come into play. They bring their personal followings and are already a more recognizable face. Plus, Instagram success already proves how well the guy is received. Digital influencers represent the perfect middle ground between individual CGI models and real supermodels.

    ZOE0.1: Digital Influencer Forge, Social Media Agency & Production

  • Zoe Dvir
  • Ella Stoller
  • Diana Torre
  • Each of the three young women has her own story and personal interests. Zoe, as we have already discovered, is a student, bartender and model. Ella stands out with her pink hair and is an influencer who wants to reach the top. She has already made her first appearances on Israeli television. The South African model Diana Torre is currently working as a dancer in London.

    Booking: Zoe Dvir and Ella Stoller at CM Models

    To perfectly prove their sense of time, the young model agency headquartered in Cologne has signed the two digital models. CM Models(model agency) represents a variety of aspiring and successful models and has already worked with well-known brands such as Chanel, Dior, Balmain and many more. A perfect match for the successful digital influencers.

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