Reality meets VR – The first virtual fashion show / fashion movie by MarcCain

The world’s first virtual fashion show – We’ve already written about virtual influencers on the social marketing blog, including the biggest of them all, Lil’Miquela. Today was the world premiere in Berlin! Reality meets virtual reality. Fashion in the sign of the times – is this trend here to stay? Lil’Miquela has managed a rise since 2019 that no one would have thought a virtual, digital person. She now has nearly 3 million followers on Instagram alone. In 2021, virtual people will be seen on the runway for the first time, today. Pictures speak louder than 1,000 words.

“How Beautiful” by MarcCain (VR fashion show)

Here is the first fashion show, worldwide with digital models. Created by MarcCain; Digital Models by Cocaine Models / Zoe 101. Read more about virtual influencers here.