Virtual Reality x Advertising: VR Projects, Avatars and Best Practice (#1 worldwide)

We’ve written about virtual / digital influencers a few times already, now there are new examples from advertising! Currently there are 3 teams around the world, in the US, Europe and Japan, working on digital avatars. Now the first 3 projects from the European team have been published. 1x online campaign, 1x fashion show and 1x real estate presentation. We had to report about it! Best practice from the VR world / advertising.

Exciting times for VR in advertising

World premiere after world premiere – with each passing day, the virtual world is becoming more real to us.

Criticism of digital avatars: “They take jobs away from people”

Of course, there are critics who say virtual people can never exist alongside real people. But there has always been criticism, at the beginning of a new technology. Bill Gates (Microsoft, founder) said the Internet will have no future. In fact, this technology giant, did not believe in the Internet. It is often like that when it comes to innovation.

There are first movers who believe in new ideas, projects and innovations and there are those who have to experience the future first.

Many take a critical view of VR, as described. In the past it was video games, currently it is “virtual networks” (social networks, example data scandal at Facebook) and in a few years, it will perhaps be virtual avatars, people, which are viewed critically.

Best Practice since 2019: Lil’ Miquela (Los Angeles, USA)

A little less than two years ago, the first digital avatar was created in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, millions of young people follow her (Lil’ Miquela) on Instagram. They, her followers, no longer perceive Miquela as a virtual person, but as part of their lives.

New competition from Japan and Europe

Now there are two new teams active in the field of virtual avatars, one from Europe and one from Japan.

Special attention should be paid to the European project, active since 2021. Already there are several campaigns and the special feature: this VR team also develops virtual avatars for brands.

Therefore, today a “Closer Look” on Zoe and Ella, two virtual avatars from Europe. Tip. There is not much of these digital influencers, we have collected them all together for you here, in a clear list: Digital Avatars.

Examples: Advertising campaign, fashion show, VR presentation

How Virtual Reality can look like in advertising, we want to show here the first examples and best practice campaigns, from Europe.

Buffalo: Diversity Campaign with Ella Stoller – World Premiere

VR in fashion – The latest campaign, number 3 in 2021, released in March. Buffalo Shoes is one of the most renowned shoe manufacturers and shoe retailers that exist in Europe. The brand is known in all countries and has its headquarters in Germany and London.

Of course, as a market leader, you always have to be a trendsetter. So the very first campaign worldwide, on the topic of diversity, was created with a virtual model. The model in the campaign is called Ella (CM Models). You will also see her later in a completely new project, because in the meantime the development department has reached the point where she can dance, among other things, but also talk! Step by step, to the virtual human.

Source: Youtube / Buffalo

What gets people excited? In the end, it’s always about a great story. Just like there are great series that are remade season after season, just like there are Hollywood characters in movies that don’t exist in real life, yet everyone knows.

Here begins an entirely new story.

MarcCain: Fashion Show with Zoe Dvir (VR) – World Premiere

VR in the presentation – From a “virtual fashion show” has been heard more often, but virtual then always meant only that the fashion show is streamed and not presented live.

Since January 2021, the world is a completely new one! World premiere in Berlin, here begins a new level. 4 virtual models, 8 real models and one show. We come together for the first time both worlds. How beautiful?

Source: Youtube / MarcCain

Realtor: Ella Stoller – World Premiere

VR in real estate – Ella, as a virtual person, has various skills that are gradually being expanded (developed). A big step was the ability of speech, simply put! Eventually everything ends up being programmed, which means in the end it’s all one giant “app” – very, very simply put! The more it is taught, the better it gets. The developers can then set all sorts of parameters, not just on the avatar itself, and of course lighting, clothing and much more.

This is a new level, because this is no longer just about fashion, but about real estate, with a high value. Accordingly, the presentation must be extremely high-end and qualitative. The fact that a virtual person now presents the brand, the real estate portal and also individual properties is really a new step when it comes to presentation. Where is the future heading? Trade shows, interviews in fashion magazines?

Here is a very first small glimpse, a quick video screenshot in the evening, of the very first pulse that are online.

Virtual influencers: marketing and strategy

Virtual influencers, digital avatars, whatever you want to call this new category of “people,” they will leave a lasting footprint in advertising and marketing. Best practice projects, like from Los Angeles show that I can get millions of people interested in a virtual person, so much so that they actively follow him to get daily news.

The world of virtual influencers is small because the investment costs are extremely high. Entire teams work on writing codes, optimizing designs and so on. But there are a few who believe in it! Check out here the first, virtual people, avatars, models or influencers…. of the world at:

Source : Zoe / CM Models