Snapchat: Always live – The all-rounder in everyday life

Snapchat it an application for the mobile phone, which is particularly used by young people. It serves mainly to send pictures among friends back and forth. The sent photo is visible to the other about 10 seconds. Many stars and starlets use Snapchat for their
Followers to show their day. These short photos and videos are posted in a story that the followers can see for 24 hours. But Snapchat is not just for amusement, but also for information. For example, newspapers such as the Cosmopolitan, the Times Magazine or Spiegel Online have their own channels, which can be accessed by any Snapchat user and thus they receive daily new news.

Stories – tell stories with funny filters

Snapchat is considered to be the pioneer of the so-called story. Meanwhile, other social neoculars, such as Instagram and Facebook, have a feature that allows you to share short videos and photos with friends, family, and other subscribers for 24 hours. The filter function makes Snapchat special. To activate the filter function, you have to open the front camera and press long on your face. Then a slider opens, which displays the daily filter. Among other things, there are filters that make the benefactor look as if she had a dog face, a cat face, a flower wreath on her head, or an old man’s face. The filters vary every day, so you can never get bored. And the reason why Snapchat is so enthusiastic about so many young people is that you can always be in touch with friends, be amused and keep each other up to date.

Influencer live experience

If you follow your idols on Snapchat, you will always know where on earth or in which city the influencer, blogger, singer or actor is staying. Many actors, such as Elyas M’Barek, like to take their fans with them when they are shooting. This has the positive side effect that the viewers are even more excited about the new film. Snapchat also serves as an advertising medium. But not only actors use Snapchat as a promotional action, but also other public figures, sharing their upcoming projects with their fans. For example, Farina Opoku, better known as novalanalove, who presented and presented her upcoming fashion collection to Snapchat or the Instastorys. Many models also like to take their viewers to jobs and show you the life behind the scenes.

In summary, it can be said that Snapchat is not only amusing young people aged 13-19, but is also a source of information that can not be underestimated. The app is thus an all-rounder that offers fun in everyday life and information on current topics (see Spiegel Online or National Geographics).