1,000 days in the metaverse! How does it feel? Experience +Video documentary

We had to share this video with you today! 1,000 Days in the Metaverse. Ryan Trahan (YouTuber) has set himself a goal: he wants to experience the Metaverse and he wants to do it on a long-term basis. The journey is insanely interesting and shows what is possible in the Metaverse. Straight from the first source.

Metaverse first hand experience

A documentary says more than the famous thousand words. Speaking of 1,000, how much is 1,000 Metaverse days in reality? Let’s quickly add up the time Ryan spent in the Metaverse for this documentary.

30 minutes corresponds to one day in the metaverse.

  • 1 day = 30 minutes
  • 1,000 days = 30,000 minutes
  • = 500 hours
  • = ~ 21 real days

Now for the documentary! What was Ryan’s experience?

Metaverse: What is it?

The Metaverse itself is a digital and decentralized place. People can create avatars (user account with digital image) and the journey can begin. Especially with 3D glasses, a whole new world. Even in the real world, avatars have arrived. We already reported on Kim Kardashian’s late father, who appeared as an avatar at Kim’s birthday party, spoke and moved her to tears. We are curious how the next year and decades will develop!

  • Metaverse is a “digital place”
  • Virtual augmented reality with user avatars

Change in e-commerce

Shopping on the web will work differently in 2024 and 2025 than it does today. We will be able to express our wishes, see products live, and all that without having to travel. From home, we can discover places, people, concerts.

Real estate, furnishings and the “own” Metaverse home

Instead of a small micro-apartment in London, Los Angeles or Berlin, the Metaverse leaves nothing to be desired. In fact, plots of land were sold for the first time last year, amounting to millions. So will there be a Beverly Hills in the Metaverse in the future? So the Metaverse is also changing real estate & furnishings.

More trends? Do you already know NFTs?

NFT Art – If there is a social trend at the moment, it is NFTs. Many talk about it, but very few have ever bought or sold NFTs on a marketplace. We were allowed to take an in-depth look at the topic of “digital art” or “crypto art” as part of a project. How do NFTs work? Do they have a future in the art market? How expensive is an NFT? Lots of questions, here are first answers with quick explanations (without many technical terms). But you will also find further links to the topic. Let’s start with NFT: “Non-fungible Tokens”.

Here visiting the Lukinski Gallery: