Amazon x Youtube Documentaries: Karbal x Terry Joe – Bars

In fact it’s always very hard to share best practice projects, testimonials and the story behind all the work. After all, we plan, create and publish new content for the communities every day! But today came a special, a highlight for us, the first Amazon documentary! But, pictures are worth a thousand words. So we don’t want to keep you in suspense, here is our first Amazon x Youtube documentary.

Karbal x Terry Joe – Bars Amazon Docu

Generation Y: Rap, Hip Hop, Energy

In this example you can see well what rap and hip hop means, especially for the new generation. Numerous examples, whether iced tea or pizza, show how food can also be marketed to a young target group, with extreme success.

In the mix of different social media marketing channels, you have various options at your disposal. YouTube, especially video marketing, has a very special influence on the target group. Because unlike Instagram, not only short sequences are shown, individual videos are accessed for years and thus become the most successful YouTube videos, for their particular topic. If you want to learn more about the topic, then you can find tips here, in our article on the topic:

Dubai: December – Coming Up

Tip. Be sure to check out the Burj Khalifa in Dubai next week! Here you will see one of our most spectacular concepts that we have developed in our term.

We can’t reveal any more than that yet!

… but you will find the answer here in the blog soon! If you are looking for social media marketing concepts yourself that stand out from the crowd, talk to our social media consultant* They will give you the input that will ensure attention and reach. Read more about the topic here:

Teaser for Dubai with Farid Bang