Combin Scheduler: Schedule Stories & Posts for Instagram – ultimate software test

More followers. More reach. And a higher engagement of the target group. Whether as a company, model or influencer of tomorrow, Instagram is a true full-time job that requires good strategy, detailed planning and constant analysis. But persistence and staying power pays off and once you understand the world of influencers and hashtags, you can enjoy increased reach and ingenious social media campaigns. We have put together some tips and tricks for you that every Instagram Marketer should know, and we also introduce the popular Combin Scheduler for Instagram with all its features.

The Combin Scheduler – Effective Instagram App test

If you want to be successful on Instagram, you have to do one thing above all: plan, plan, plan. To help you keep an overview, there are now countless apps for this purpose. At the latest since the introduction of his Instacheck, the company Combin with its many Instagram tools is known to everyone. The free Combin Scheduler allows today’s entrepreneurs and influencers not only to plan individual posts in advance, but also the stories. Here is an overview of the most important functions:

  • Forward planning & instant publishing
  • Fully automated publishing
  • Image size editing
  • Location Marking
  • Mention of hashtags and accounts
  • Upload Bulk Stories

Planning of stories and contributions thanks to automation

An absolute must-have of the Instagram tool is the advanced planning of contributions. After you have set the publication date of your post, the Combin Scheduler will automatically publish your post. So you can plan your posts and edit them from time to time.

Create Bulk Stories: Photo, Video & Boomerang

Besides the regular posting of photos and videos, the use of the Story Tool also helps with social media marketing. In the best case, you can also connect your story with a call-to-action. The Combin Scheduler takes care of the organization of the story and allows you to plan several pictures, videos and boomerangs for your story.

Design Instagram Feed: With the right design to success

An aesthetic Instagram Feed is the electronic business card of modernity. To ensure that your posts match not only thematically but also visually, the tool allows you to customize your feed in advance to suit your taste.

The conclusion of the editorial staff: For every Instagramer the Combin Scheduler is an absolute must. It helps you organize your feed, is easy to use and runs without interruptions and unnecessary push messages. The interface is simple and modern, which is why you have an immediate overview of all functions.

Tips for more followers, reach & Co.

Even if the new tools and gadgets take a lot of work off your shoulders, you still have to keep a few things in mind for your Instagram success. Especially the quality of your posts and the constant analysis of your target group are worth it.

Create high quality posts: Saves & Shares

Quality and quantity are both equally important. Nowadays Instagram does not only focus on likes and comments, but also on the saves and shares of each post. The Instagram algorithm especially likes these, as this is a sign of the added value of your posts. Of course the images should also be of high quality. Experience shows that especially friendly and bright photos are better received than dark and pixelated ones.

Understanding the new Instagram algorithm

In addition to quality, quantity is also important to Instagram marketing. The more you post and the more active you are, the more traffic Instagram allows you to get on your profile. How does it work? Very simple: Instagram never shows your new posts to all your followers, but only to a fraction. It then analyzes the success of your post and the more popular your posts are, the more people will see them.

Analysis of the target group: Use Insights sensibly

It is always worthwhile to keep your target group in mind. Then you will know when the best time to post is, on which day your users are most active and which content they particularly like.