The most popular social network: users from 2004 to today! – User numbers worldwide

The most popular social network – What is the most popular social network? The question is difficult to answer, because there are always snapshots! The development of social networks is very dynamic, from the beginnings in 2004 until today in 2023! In this time-lapse you can see the whole evolution of social networks with their user numbers.

Time Lapse! Social media 2004 to 2023

New social apps enter the market every year. Few become relevant market players and some social networks you don’t even know today.

Evolution of social networks: history and future

As a social media agency, you need the Internet like the air you breathe. Did you know that the Internet was born very close to us? Back then, it was a project at the CERN research center in Switzerland. In principle, it’s quite simple: hyperlinks link content. The system was quickly used by the US Army and was intended to serve data exchange at that time. At some point, the protocol became freely available, and since then, people have benefited from the incredible flow of information and speed possible with the new digital networks.