Forum – Definition, Internet and meaning for social networks

The term forum defines an online platform on which users can exchange information. At that time, the first vehicles were also pioneers for the transmitter-receiver model. The sender-receiver model describes the form of communication between a sending party and the receiving parties. A very classic example is the cinema. As one of the first popular […]

Big Data – Algorithm and analysis of large data easily explained

Big data refers to the automatic processing of large data. In social networks such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, but also TikTok, LinkedIn and many other networks, the processing of large amounts of data plays the central role. Not only for advertisers but in general for the algorithm of search engines. Because search engines want […]

The development of social networks worldwide: History and future

As Social Media Agency you need the Internet, like the air to breathe. Did you know that the Internet was created very close to us? At that time it was a project at the CERN research centre in Switzerland. In principle quite simple: Hyperlinks link content. The system was quickly deployed by the U.S. Army […]

Archiving – Usability, Content Management and Big Data

The archiving of contents is for content management systems, to it also social networks belong, the big principle. A lot of data is collected and administered and output bundled by this clear administration, depending on the request. Although a large online magazine probably has thousands of subpages, every single piece of information, e.g. through the […]

Network alternatives to the №1 Facebook

How to Generate Reach in Alternative Social Networks? Just a few years ago, a network called Facebook generated about 98 percent of Internet traffic on social networks. Meanwhile the landscape of social networks has been differentiated. Different smaller networks access market leaders Facebook

Social Networks: Theory and Breakthrough in the Communication Model

Do you know the transmitter-receiver model? It shows in which direction communication takes place. A 1: n relationship would be, for example, a radio station in the 30s. The radiosender plays music and speech and spectators receive the broadcasts at home, at the receiver

Social Media Marketing Report Münster

Social Media Marketing designs for you a unique digital presence, highly targeted targeting of user groups and rapid increase in reach. The agency for Instagram and Facebook for regional, national and international marketing campaigns. For all companies, innovative social media marketing is therefore an indispensable tool for effective online marketing without much wasted coverage. Social […]

Social Media Marketing Report Bremen

Our social media managers have advised many companies in Berlin and managed various extremely successful channels. One third of Germans are logged into Facebook, for example. Millions of potential customers that you can reach specifically at any time. The use of media is increasingly shifting to the Internet and social media. Build brand fans for […]

Social Media Marketing Report Mainz

Schlaue Kampagnen in Soziale Medien vermarkten Produkte wesentlich effizienter. Soziale Netzwerke sind ein Geflecht aus dynamischen Gruppen von Menschen, verschiedenen Plattformen und technischen Funktionen die unsere Kommunikation mit Freunden allgegenwärtig und multimedial macht. Was wir finden ist eines der wichtigsten Elemente einer jeden Kampagne, Viralität.

Social Media Marketing Report Kiel

Social media concepts, smart strategies and a clear focus: Social media marketing for Kiel makes your digital transformation successful with strategies from us. Our social media managers promote new, innovative products through smart social media campaigns. Social networks make our communication with friends, colleagues and family so fast. Social media marketing Social media marketing has […]