Archiving – Usability, Content Management and Big Data

The archiving of contents is for content management systems, to it also social networks belong, the big principle. A lot of data is collected and administered and output bundled by this clear administration, depending on the request. Although a large online magazine probably has thousands of subpages, every single piece of information, e.g. through the search box, is easy to find. For example, if you are interested in “selling a house”, you will quickly find what you are looking for in the category “selling a house”. Here you have a direct overview of all relevant articles in the online magazine that deal with the topic of “house sales”. This archived content, i.e. storage and permanent provision, is what modern content management systems are all about. The basis for e-commerce, social media but also any website.

Archiving means Big Data – Best Practice Wikipedia

One of the largest archives in the world is Wikipedia. Nowadays the platform is familiar to everyone, from the student researching topics for his presentation to the entrepreneur who wants to get an overview of certain regions here. Knowledge platforms such as Wikipedia have changed the world and are based on content management, archiving and targeted delivery.

Collection of data – archiving

  • The archiving is above all for content management systems of great importance
  • Even on pages with lots of information and subpages, each individual piece of information can be easily found, e.g. through the search field
  • Archiving is the basis for e-commerce, social media but also for any website
  • The best example for the archive: Wikipedia
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