Social Selling – Shopping on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Social Selling deals with the art of generating sellers from social networks. Through creative and good content, through targeted advertisements, through influencer marketing has also been through its own online stores in the social network. This works with Facebook as well as with Instagram. One of the latest trends, your own online shop on Facebook and Instagram.

Products & Shop on Facebook and Instagram

Social selling is becoming more and more important. In online marketing, the aim is to have as few barriers as possible, since the cap concludes the desired action. On a website, for example, this is the number of clicks until the purchase has been made or until a specific product has been found. Each additional barrier, which means each additional step, makes the purchase more difficult and thus lowers the conversion rate. The shorter, simpler and more understandable the paths are, the better. That’s why it makes sense sooner or later not to lure people out of the social media network into your own online shop, but to sell products directly via social media networks. The so-called social selling.

Some platforms now make it possible to create your own online shops. The online shops are then linked to the real platform. The big advantage is that the users have the possibility to browse the products directly in the social network. On the other hand you have the possibility to link products directly in your media, for example if you post a photo. If users are then more interested in the posted product, you can find out which product it is by clicking on the medium. In addition, they get all price information directly and can click directly to the product in their real online shop. Social selling, with its own online shop in the social network, lowers the hurdles for sales from social media networks accordingly.