Cross-sell: Additionally sell similar products – example email funnel

Cross-sell – Cross-selling is the selling of related or complementary products or services based on the products the customer has already purchased (or in which he or she is interested).

Cross-sell: Application in marketing

Cross-selling is used in many areas to sell more. For example, you probably know the “similar products” in online stores, which were “also bought by others”. A typical example of cross-selling similar products.

Cross-sell in the email funnel

Once a lead (a prospect who has signed up[opt-in] in the email funnel), “the machine” starts. After a few steps in the email funnel, you generate the first customers to whom you can offer an up-sell product.

Up-sell as an additional source of funds

Another popular tool to sell more is up-selling. Up-selling is the additional offer of higher-value products or higher-value services.

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