AIDA model in marketing: attention, interest, need = action

As always in marketing, there are very basic strategies that are also applied here in email marketing. For example, the AIDA principle. You’ve just heard about it for the first time and are asking yourself: What does AIDA mean? Here is the quick answer!


Attention means the user gets to know a product or solution.

Interest (Interest)

Interest means he or she is interested in the product or solution.

Desire (Need)

Need means he or she is convinced and wants your product or solution.

Action (plot)

Action means that the customer subsequently buys the product or solution.

Application: Email Funnel (Example)

The AIDA principle is applied in many marketing disciplines. Among others, in email marketing, or in the creation of email funnels. An extremely efficient tool that has lifted the sales of many to a whole new level. Even better, email funnels have a high degree of automation.

This is how a funnel works: