Finding good employees? This is how it works! Skilled workers, managers, the market is overheated in many industries and good personnel is harder to find than it was years and decades ago. What to do? Here are answers for 2024.

Recruiting: The Basics for 2024

The search for qualified employees can become a major challenge for companies. In this day and age, when digitization is becoming more and more prevalent, the Internet offers numerous opportunities for attracting potential employees. In this context, recruiting agencies are playing an increasingly important role, as they offer holistic support in the area of employee recruitment. In this article, you will learn which recruiting measures are available and what you should look for when choosing a recruiting agency. In addition, we explain when it makes sense to hire an agency and what makes a good recruiting agency. So if you want to know how to find the perfect recruiting agency, be sure to read on.

Personal Marketing

In order to retain talent in the long term and ensure a high level of employee satisfaction, more and more companies are turning to the support of personnel marketing agencies. Such service providers have the necessary expertise and experience to develop and implement successful personnel marketing strategies. In this guide, you will learn what personnel marketing exactly means, what fields of activity there are, and what advantages a collaboration with a personnel marketing agency offers. Read on to learn how you can attract the best talent to your company with the support of a personal marketing agency!

HR Marketing Ideas

As an employer, do you want to make your company more attractive to potential employees and stand out from the competition? Then you should definitely rely on creative HR marketing ideas. After all, targeted and innovative HR work can help to improve your company’s image and increase its attractiveness as an employer. In this article, we present five useful HR marketing ideas that you can use to put your company in the spotlight and attract top talent.

Read on to learn how targeted measures can give you a tangible edge in the employee market.

HR Marketing Tasks

HR marketing is an essential part of human resources management, as it involves attracting and retaining qualified employees. There are internal and external HR marketing tasks that pursue different goals. In this article, we will introduce you to the most important HR marketing tasks and provide useful tips on how to increase the attractiveness of your company. Read on to learn more about how you can strengthen your employer branding through targeted measures.

Employer Branding

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects and show you which strategies and incentives help to retain employees and attract new talent. You will also learn when it makes sense to work with an employer branding agency and what costs you may incur.

Advantages explained in detail

When companies are active in the field of HR recruiting, HR marketing, HR marketing and employer branding, they can enjoy many benefits to succeed in the competition for the best talent. Some advantages are:

✔️ Advantage
✔️ Higher innovation and creativity
✔️ Increased employee satisfaction and retention
✔️ Better employee recruitment and retention
✔️ Increase productivity and efficiency
✔️ Increase customer loyalty
✔️ Better decision making
✔️ Increase brand reputation
✔️ Increase in business performance
✔️ Compliance with legal requirements

Increasing employer attractiveness

A good external presentation of the company leads to potential candidates perceiving the company as attractive and thus having a higher number of applicants and a larger applicant pool available.

Attracting top talent

By targeting the audience and using digital platforms, companies can find the best talent and thus increase the quality of their workforce.

Reduction of recruitment costs

Effective recruitment can result in less time and resources spent finding and hiring suitable employees.

Increasing employee loyalty

Through incentives and employee retention methods, the company can ensure that existing employees stay with the company for the long term, thus reducing the turnover rate.

Image enhancement

A strong employer brand and a positive image lead not only to greater attractiveness among potential candidates, but also among customers and business partners.

Competitive advantage

Companies that practice successful recruitment can gain an advantage over their competitors in the competition for the best talent.

Increase productivity

When employee satisfaction and retention is high, it often leads to higher employee productivity and efficiency.