Up-sell: Sell additional more expensive products – example e-mail funnel

Up-sell – Up-selling is the additional offering of higher value products or higher value services.

Up-sell: application in marketing

Up-selling is often used to sell even more expensive products to buyers. A typical example would be the high ticket for a live event. A user buys e-coaching product A for 500 euros. Would this user, or customer, perhaps also be willing to spend more for more intensive live coaching?

Up-sell in the email funnel

Once a lead (a prospect who has registered in the email funnel), “the machine” starts. After a few steps in the email funnel, you generate the first customers to whom you can offer an up-sell product.

Cross-sell as another source of money

Another popular tool for selling more is cross-selling. Cross-selling is selling related or complementary products or services based on the products the customer has already purchased (or is interested in). Also popularly used to sell products from others, so-called affiliate marketing.

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