Email Funnel Examples: Automated emails for target groups – automation

Automated Emails – One of the magic words in online marketing is “automation.” The more processes are automated, the less work is left. It also makes projects easier to scale, after all, you need less manpower, despite increasing customers. Some areas and digital products or even online coaching can be extremely scaled this way. Read more here: Email Funnel.

Generate purchases: Automated email flow

Email funnels can be tailored to different segments. Let’s look at 3 overarching target groups for this:

  • Email funnel for prospects
  • Email funnel for new customers
  • Email funnel for reactivation

For example:

Email funnel for prospects

The typical visitor who is led from interest to offer. A simple, effective process looks like this:

  1. Encourage interested parties to register (opt-in)
  2. Automated welcome email
  3. Optional: First segmentation through small survey
  4. First trigger emails with bait offers (vouchers) directly after greeting

Email funnel for new customers

Not only new visitors are suitable leads for your email funnel. You can also include your online store customers in an email funnel and turn them into regular customers who will order from you a second, third and fourth time.

Example funnel for new customers:

  1. Thank you email with discount code for #2 purchase
  2. Order email with shipping status
  3. Multi-level campaign emails
    1. Cross-selling offers
    2. Up-selling offers
  4. Seasonal and themed mailings for occasions
    1. Summer season or soccer world cup
    2. Days like Christmas or Valentine’s Day
  5. Post-purchase evaluation and satisfaction survey

Reactivation email funnel

Every customer who doesn’t have to be won back saves effort, time and money. That’s why it’s also worth thinking about email funnels that bring customers back. For example, when they haven’t chewed anything for a while.

Example Funnel to win back customers:

  1. Reactivation email with special offers
  2. Reminder email
    1. If discount code not used
    2. When purchase in shopping cart canceled
  3. Survey to improve the service: What would you like to see?

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Email Funnel: What is it?

A sales funnel, or more precisely an email marketing funnel, increases the sales of companies to a whole new level. Quickly explained: Email funnels are optimized sales funnels into which leads (qualified traffic e.g. via social ads or Google Ads ) are introduced. Sometimes sales even exceed our customers’ expectations.