Bio – Biography for bloggers and companies on the Social Web

8Bio is the short form of biography. A classic biography consists of long texts and key points, from awards to activities and many others in social networks, biographies or bios are very short. On Instagram, for example, there are barely 200 characters available to a blogger. On Facebook and YouTube you already have a bit more text length.

Bio for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Bio is very important because it is here that the most relevant information is summarised. In short form one describes then e.g.
❤ 19 years

✈ Traveller

? Food Fanatic

? my blog

A short form would look like this, e.g. for Instagram. The biography is important because the stream or the newsfeed on your own network often draws attention to new people. When you take a quick look at the new profile, you should therefore be able to quickly see what this is all about and who you are. The better known the person, the more likely you are to refrain from filling in your biography, since you already have a public reputation. But for most it is recommended to use the biography. And of course the biggest ones do! For example to advertise new products or your own online shop for fans, where you can buy merchandise. Many bloggers and influencers also finance themselves in this way.

The Biography on Social Networks

  • In the Bio all relevant information is summarized in max. 200 characters
  • The biography attracts new people, potential followers, to the blogger
  • The biography is also suitable for advertising products or videos
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