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Discover is a feature found on some social networks, e.g. Instagram! Many social platforms have crystallized into networks for trendsetters. Especially Instagram but also YouTube and Pinterest stand for fashion and beauty. Influencers and bloggers are not only active here, but also in the areas of travel, technology and much more. The “Discover” function allows us to discover new content in an overview of photos or videos, or new bloggers with whom we have had no previous contact. The algorithm calculates which media content might be relevant for us. For example, if we have been looking at a lot of content about travel and holidays, occasionally spending some time with works of art, we will find similar offers in our discover function.

Use the Discover function strategically

Conversely, users can also become aware of them! Therefore it is always worthwhile to publish new content, so that you also have a high probability of appearing in this and other functions. Most social networks work with a daily rhythm, which means that most information is up-to-date for one day. Of course, there are some people who also create a relevance of two or three days, but the rule focuses on the here and now.

Discover and influence trendings? How does something like this work?

If you want to appear in the trendings, you need a certain amount of interaction within a certain period of time. This is different for each medium, hashtag and of course also depending on the competition. But let’s take a small example to describe how you can get yourself into the trendings.

  • Important in advance, this is a very simplified example!

Next they must analyze how many Likes has a picture, eg on the day

  • #house construction

Why do we want this Hashtag house building? Let’s take a customer such as building society insurers, banks or even a DIY store as a best practice example! From the big niche of insurance on Instagram to banks and the big wide field of Do It Yourself. Our goal is to appear twice a week in the Trendings, so that we can win new fans for our channel, on which we post daily new inspiration for house, apartment and garden. We would like to entice away fans who are interested in house building, renovations, decoration,… I’m interested in you.

So we compare the average amount of Likes and comments a photo gets with this one hashtags

  • #house construction
  • #renovate
  • #living room

From all these hashtags we look for the ones with the greatest potential. This means least competition, relatively high reach and a precise target group that is potentially interesting for us as well. As an example, we are now saying that the topic of house construction is the most interesting for us. All Germans who want to build a house next year may be looking for inspiration, after all they are Generation Instagram! The Instagram generation is also beginning to take an interest in homes of its own. Young families, young working people who want to make provisions now before they start a family. This is exactly our target group!

Analysis and strategy

Our Hashtag #hausbau needs only 100 Likes, so it is already in the Trendings.

Our, or rather your task now is to take care of these 100 Likes. Best 150 likes and 20 comments. If we manage this, we will be in the trendings for a certain period of time, 24 hours to 72 hours, with everyone who is interested in this topic. Some photos even make it to a week. This is how we do it!

Therefore use the power of analysis and monitoring to strengthen your social media power.

Discover and Trendings

  • In the Discover function you will see posts that are tailored to your interests
  • This function can of course also be used for your own benefit, if a particularly high interaction takes place in a short time on a post from you, the probability is high that you will also end up in the Discover function
  • If you use e.g. a very popular hash tag or a hash tag that is interesting for your target group it can help you to generate the desired number of interactions
  • The hash tag with the most potential: least competition, relatively high range and exact target group
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