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For Instagram we are one of the first Social Analytics Companies. We have been developing software for social media for over 2 years. We are especially interested in the analysis of Instagram accounts and bloggers. Influencers and bloggers form the absolute spearhead of the social media marketing world today. Young stars, e.g. from the Kardashian clan, are already billionaires at 19. This is an absolute world record and shows how important social media have become for society, for marketing, for everything. We communicate on social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp, share our videos on social networks like YouTube or share our lives with others on Instagram. Social Analytics Companies see their focus in development, as do we, especially in providing assistance to agencies and companies. For many, instagram and social networks or social media marketing is still a big question mark. Few people have grown up with social networks, so social analytics companies help to better understand the processes within social networks. Not only do we provide insights into the insights of social networks with our software, you will also find interesting and free articles on how to improve your influencer marketing or your social media marketing in our blog.

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Top recommendation among the Social Media Companies

Of course there is much more to Social Analytics! Our Social Media Company does not only consist of the software product but came from the fact that we as an influencer agency did not have the suitable software yet and for our numerous customers, e.g. from the fashion or insurance industry, to be able to supply meaningful data, e.g. if it concerns the influencer monitoring on Instagram. Many of our customers were able to book their campaigns, but had little meaningful data on the reach that the influencers really brought to the campaign.

Extensive monitoring and management processes

All kinds of management processes as well as monitoring have so far been executed by most agencies using Excel spreadsheets. Some of our partner agencies around the world had Excel lists with a total of over 7,000 lines. With all the work and experience we have gained in influencer marketing, we thought at some point that it was time to develop our own software for social media analysis. Specialized in instagrams and using simple methods to prepare them for customer presentations or pitches. With Social Analytics we want to simplify the world from monitoring to Instagram. Our Instagram Social Media Tracking software enables you to track individual postings and channels through clever processes. This enables you to make statements afterwards about which influencers have really paid off in the cooperation for the invested capital and the costs.

Influencer Price Calculator

In America, the trend of bloggers and influencers has been arriving for many years. Even in Germany and throughout Europe, more and more large companies are turning to the support of bloggers and influencers for their online marketing as well as their POS marketing, e.g. through invited big social media stars. For Instagram, price calculation is a relatively difficult field as there is little experience and expertise in booking influencers. The price calculation of bloggers or postings and instagram stories is not that easy, you need different key figures and values. These include the interaction rate, which is calculated from key figures, such as the current likes on the last 15 postings, average, as well as the comments and all in relation to the number of followers.

If you have a free approximate price estimate for influencers and bloggers on Instagram, you can find a free Influencer price calculator here.

Social Media Software by Experts

With our Instagram Price Calculator and our Instagram Social Media Tracking Tool, the complete world of social media monitoring and analysis is open to you as an agency or brand. If you still have questions about social media analysis and monitoring, please contact our Social Analytics Company.

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Further information about Social Media Software

Further information about our social media software can be found here:

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